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Elena can't believe Rebekah would want to revert to being a weak, fragile human, so the Beckster explains that someday she wants a family of her own. Elena sighs. "And that's exactly why I don't want your help." She downs a shot and adds, "The best part of having no emotions is that I can think rationally. I'll do whatever it takes to get this done. You're the opposite. A pile of neuroses, insecurities, hopes and dreams. You're basically one big, emotional variable that I just don't really need." Rebekah fakes up a small smile. "You just made me miss the old Elena." I don't know. I'm so tired of everyone trying to control Elena that I'm quite enjoying her brat phase. Elena shrugs as we cut to...

Professor's Shane's Office. Caroline and Klaus plot out the points of the Triangle of Terror. The first point is at Pastor Cliche's ranch. The second is above the old Lockwood cellar, where Klaus killed his hybrids. Caroline notes the Triangle of Terror is an equilateral triangle, so she identifies the third point on a map. Klaus smirks. "Someone's been skipping their geometry classes." Oh honey, everyone's skipping all their classes. Klaus: "There are actually two places where the third massacre could be." Caroline tries to cover by saying, "Well, you didn't let me finish." They're interrupted by Stefan, who reports that while he didn't talk to Bonnie, he did talk to Interim Dad. "I think I've found Silas." We cut to the...

Woods. Eleven witches stand in a circle, with Bonnie and Aja at the center. Bonnie is lying on the ground. Aja kneels and places her hands on Bonnie's head and instructs Bonnie to call out to the spirits. Bonnie starts to chant, but her body writhes in pain because she's rejected the spirits. Aja chants for her. Bonnie says she's changed her mind and begs for Aja to let her go. Aja calls out to her coven to link with her. Torches at the edge of the circle ignite. Bonnie's eyes turn white. Commercial.

As Stefan searches for one of the two possible massacre sites, he's talking on the phone to Damon, who says, "So, Silas is appearing as Professor Shane. That wouldn't be my first choice." Right? Stefan points out it's a useful guise since he's trying to brainwash Bonnie into committing a massacre. Talk turns to the search for the Bore, and Damon tells Stefan that Rebekah trailed them (I was hoping Stefan had sent her), and that he's having a hard time. When Stefan asks what he's looking for, Damon answers, "Will had a repeat customer. 5'7" brunette. Said she was a runner." Stefan: "Katherine." Damon: "Turns out I was helping her run from me. Ironic..."

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