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New York Dolls

Damon thinks Will's records are sorted by birthdate, but he can't remember Katherine's. Stefan says, "June 5, 1473." Impressed, Damon says, "And that, brother, is why you are the better boyfriend." Ha. He finds a list of Katherine's former addresses, including some from the last few months. They're mostly P.O. Boxes, but it narrows the search. Now, if Will was taking real people's IDs, and presumably swapping out the photos with a photo of his customer, why the hell would he need a customer's real birthdate? I was going to add something about addresses, but I suppose since Kiki is a repeat customer, he might mail new IDs to her as needed. The thing is, I don't think someone trading in fake IDs would want to keep any records at all. Why do I let myself pay attention to this stuff, and could therapy help?

Stefan asks when they're heading home. Damon says, "Tomorrow morning. Gotta keep up the ruse for the terrible twosome, outside. Pretend I'm having a good time." Stefan looks surprised at this. "And you're not." Just then, Elena enters the office, so Damon says, "Tell you tomorrow," then hangs up. He tells her he needed some quiet, to talk to Stefan. Elena assumes Stefan is worried, but Damon lies that he's, "...jealous, mainly. He's having acid flashbacks to me and Lexi in the '70s, in New York. I'll tell you about it over a drink." He hustles Elena out of the office and she knows she's being hustled.

Current-day Damon narrates over a scene from 1977 that Lexi stuck with him for months and partied with him, but every night ended with her torturing him in the worst possible way.

1977. Billy's has cleared out. Damon lies on the bar clutching a bottle as Lexi stands over him and says, "Tell me about her. [...] What did she look like? What did she sound like? Tell me everything you remember about her." Damon moans, "Every night." Will says that's his cue and takes off, after wishing them a "nice fight" and asking them not to break stuff. Damon is tired of the same old same old. He doesn't want to talk about Katherine, but Lexi says that since love is the most powerful emotion, she wants him to remember how he felt about her -- the implication being that this will help him turn on his humanity.

The Retcon Fairy waves a wand over Lexi's head and makes her say the following: "Do you remember how we first met? It was 1864. Stefan had just killed your father, made you turn into a vampire, and he was killing his way through Mystic Falls. You hated him. Rightfully so, but before you left, you asked me to help him because no matter what happened, he was still your brother, and you cared about him. Now, you need help. And he cares about you. We both do. Let me help you. Tell me about Katherine."

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