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Just Between Us Girls, Who Would You Have Picked?
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I hate the idiot chick who wrote the recaplet, because she put way too much in it, and left me sitting here thinking, "What the heck am I supposed to say?" I'm going to take a page out of Damon's book. No, I'm not going to kill her, because if she dies, I die, and this house is way too dirty for me to pack it in, right now. I can already hear the in-laws: "Maybe she died of shame." I mean I'm going to wing it like an Evil Pixie Monster. You ready? Okay.

MFHS, Alaric's Classroom, Day. The camera pans past all his visual aids. It looks way better than any history classroom in which I was ever made to sit. Schools should have set decorators. Temporary Original Vampire Alaric, i.e. Vamparic, is sitting with his feet up on the desk. He turns his head when he hears someone coming down the hallway.

It's Caroline. This week's Event O' the Week involves cleaning up after last week's Event O' the Week: the 1920s Decade Dance. Care Bear is on the phone with Tyler. He won't be helping the cleanup committee (I lost a third grade spelling bee on the word committee, so it's now that one word I'm sure I know how to spell). Klaus called and asked/ordered/sire-bonded Tyler into packing up Klaus Haus. Yes, Klaus is moving out of Mystic Falls. Woo hoo! Don't get me wrong. I would watch a series based on all the Originals. I just don't want The Vampire Diaries to be that series. Anyhow, Tyler's pretty cocky. He's no longer pouting that Klaus drew Caroline that OMG YOU + PONIES sketch, because Tyler has a clue this week and knows Caroline loves him best. He's also cocky about the fact that he's no longer sire bound to Klaus, which makes me worry that perhaps he is.

After Tyler and Caroline exchange I love yous and end their call, Caroline hears a bang. She maybe also detects some vampire Stealth Salvatoring across the hallway. When she gets to the cafeteria, Caroline learns from Rebekah that the cleanup committee has been reduced to the two of them. Matt got called into work. Both of our blonde beauties are, as you can imagine, thrilled to have some alone time. Rebekah gives Caroline crap for being two minutes late and manages to pout that she arrived on time to clean up after the dance (yet another) that she didn't even get to attend. This is where Caroline can relate to Rebekah. It wasn't all that long ago that she too was a petulant puss who only cared about school events, achievement and getting a boy to like her. What makes Caroline trump Rebekah by a factor of a thousand is that it only took her weeks to go from whiny teenager to awesome vampire. Rebekah's had somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand years, and she still can't woman up. Caroline offers an inept but sincere apology to Rebekah -- about her mother. And to give the Beckster her due, she apologizes to Caroline about her teacher because he seemed like a nice guy. Caroline: "Yeah. He was."

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