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Just Between Us Girls, Who Would You Have Picked?

Now, where was I? Damon nods at Stefan to take this one. Stefan mumbles about it being a long day. Damon says they'll call her from the road after they've dumped Desikklaus in the Atlantic. Elena: "Just be careful. Both of you." Damon seems touched and surprised that she'd admit her mixed feelings in front of both them. She watches them walk to the car and heads inside.

Bonnie, Jeremy, Caroline, Tyler, Matt and SeƱor Tequila are waiting for Elena. While they failed to desiccate Vamparic, they've been waiting so long to beat Klaus that a victory bash is in order. They're celebrating Tyler breaking his sire bond, too. I'm celebrating the mere hope that I may never again have to type the words sire bond. Elena's suffered a big blow to the head and severe blood loss, so she chooses to drink alcohol rather than take some nourishment or hell, get checked out by Mere. Her friends who would die for her never think to advise her otherwise. Oh, kids. They toast to a Klaus-free life. Elena adds, "And to all of you -- my family."

Mayoral Mansion. Liz arrives and asks Carol why she'd call an emergency Council meeting at this hour. Liz didn't call the meeting. Vamparic has summoned the Council. He outs Carol and Liz as monster aiders, abetters and mothers. The nameless Council members are appropriately horrified. He blahs about them being hypocrites who only cover up violence rendered by their own children. When Liz starts to leave, Alaric Stealth Salvatores around her and blocks the doorway. The Council members gasp. As I said before, I hope these people have taken their vervain. I don't mind if they cooperate with Ric because they either fear him or agree with him, but I'm a little tired of compulsion. It's too consequence-free. See Bonnie's involvement in helping Alaric transition into Vamparic.

On the road again. Damon: "How many desiccated hybrids does it take to screw in a lightbulb?" Stefan smiles and notes his brother's good mood. Damon says, "Yeah I'm in a good mood. Klaus is dead. My brother's halfway sane. Again. Give or take an immortal hunter that wants to kill us, we won, Stefan. Come on, say it. Say it." Stefan's voice is fairly flat. "We won." Damon: "Once more, with feeling!" When Stefan obliges, Damon thanks him. Stefan thanks Damon back and says it turns out they make a good team. Soon the talk turns serious. Stef asks Damon what happens when Elena makes a decision. Damon, taking a page from my book, says, "You know how these things pan out, Stefan. She'll probably make a list of pros and cons and at the end of the day -- dump both our asses." Stefan asks what happens if she doesn't. Damon says then she'll pick one. Stefan says if she chooses Damon, he'll leave town and let them be happy. Damon says, "And then in 60 years, we'll go back to being brothers and none of this will have mattered, right?" Stefan says, "Yeah." I say bad idea. Cowboy up and deal. There's more than one fish in the sea. Hell, there's more than one girl who looks like Elena, and she's probably on dry land. They don't listen. They never listen. Damon finally says that if Elena chooses Stefan, he will leave town. He adds, "All this over one girl." Stefan: "She's a pretty special girl." Damon: "Yes, she is." We cut to...

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