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Just Between Us Girls, Who Would You Have Picked?

Rebekah sets off to get to work on the gym, but is intercepted by Vampiric in the hall. Becky: "You're supposed to be dead." Vampirc: "I am." She Stealth Salvatores at him, but he grabs her and pushes her against the lockers. Before he can stake her with the Indestructo Son of White Oak stake (ISoWOs), Caroline arrives on the scene. She pushes Alaric off Rebekah and into the lockers. The two girls shove the stake into his chest, and while it doesn't feel good, it doesn't kill him. This is my first mythology itch of the night. If/since Esther made him like her children, we do not need yet another unkillable super vamp. He should be vulnerable to the same weapon that will kill his prey. Yes, I know, by episode's end another way or two to kill Vampiric will be revealed, but I still don't like this mythology. And I don't have to, so there.

As the girls skeedaddle, Vampiric pulls the ISoWOs out of his chest. Cut to Caroline running to her car. No, I don't know why she didn't just Stealth Salvatore to someone's house. Vampiric hasn't been invited in anywhere, yet. As she fumbles with her keys, Vampiric comes up behind her, grabs her and breaks her neck. As he drags our Vampire Barbie back into the school, his flesh sizzles. Huh. I would have expected Esther to make him a daywalker ring. I've seen some people ask why he didn't just take Caroline's ring while he had her unconscious. The daywalker ring mythology that was laid out when Lexi came to visit Stefan for his birthday made it seem as though a daywalker ring will only work for the vamp to whom it was given. Now, I don't know that Ric ever learned that, but he did hang with Damon a lot, so maybe it came up over a bottle or three. Title Card.

Gilbert Gables: Jeremy and Elena are painting Alaric's old room, which was probably Jenna's old room, which was probably Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert's old room. Personally, I'd nail the door shut and be done with it. Stefan walks in and decides to play foreshadowing fairy. "Going darker, huh?" Elena plays along. "It's the only color we had." Oh dear. Jeremy snarks about Elena deciding to paint their dead guardian's room in the middle of the night. Elena just needs to keep busy. When Stefan offers to help, the Germ is all so, are you guys back together, or something? Stefan is just there to check up on them, after everything. Jeremy: "Well, if you're trying to be the good guy again, why don't you do the right thing and give us one day -- just one day without any vampires in it?" After he storms out, Elena tells Stefan that Jeremy didn't mean that, but Stefan says he did. Of course he did.

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