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Just Between Us Girls, Who Would You Have Picked?

MFHS. Vamparic dips Caroline's gag in liquified vervain before he puts it back on her. Caroline begs for mercy. Elena tells him to stop. He pushes Elena down in her seat and explains how the vervain gag keeps the vervain in Care Bear's system. "It's like inhaling razor blades with every breath." Her skin sizzles as he gags her. I am not recapping this torture porn. Sorry. Vamparic wants Elena to kill Caroline and put her out of her misery. When Elena refuses, he reminds her that she once wanted him to teach her how to kill a vampire. She could be a hunter, but she still hasn't staked one in the heart. Hey, shut up, Vamparic. She daggered an Original, even before she took your little killing course. Commercial.

Mossy Manse. Damon and Bonnie are waiting for Abby Abandoner, but Damon doubts she'll be there. She arrives pretty quickly. Bonnie thanks her for coming. Abby says she didn't think Bonnie would ever want to see her again. Bonnie: "It's urgent."

MFHS Parking Lot. Klaus and Stefan arrive on the scene. Stefan gets a text informing him Abby just showed up. Klaus: "Good, perhaps this plan won't be an epic failure after all." He goes on about how even if the plan works, he's still leaving town and taking Elena. Stefan: "I'll go with you." There's no catch. He'd do anything to make sure Elena's safe. Klaus says that's what makes Stefan the better option. He really just wants to twist the knife about Elena's feelings for Damon though, and Stefan knows it. He tells Klaus that whenever he tries to come between the brothers, it has the opposite effect. Go Team Salvatores! Klaus laughs and suggests he'll let Elena decide which Salvatore should accompany them. Stefan tells Klaus to go for it.

Mossy Manse. Damon offers Abby a glass of blood as a peace offering, but she silently refuses. Bonnie tells her about Vamparic and says she wants the desiccation spell. Abby says Bonnie's magic comes from the earth. It's pure. This spell is dark. Bonnie can't handle it. Damon says he's Team Bonnie. Abby explains that the spell will stop a vampire's heart. The blood stops flowing. The body desiccates. The problem is, to stop a vampire's heart, you need to find a balance among the living -- i.e. a living victim. Stop the presses. This is mythology itch #4, right? Yeah. The whole fricking reason Esther has been in torment on the other side for a thousand years is because she disturbed the balance of nature by creating the Original Vampires and accidentally creating the Original Hybrid. Now you're telling me that killing a balance-of-nature-upsetting Original would upset the balance of nature? Ugh. Just ugh. Damon asks Bonnie what Abby is talking about. "I don't speak witch." Heh. Bonnie does speak it. "I have to stop a human heart."

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