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Just Between Us Girls, Who Would You Have Picked?

MFHS, Exterior. Jeremy's sitting on a picnic table when Bonnie and Damon arrive. Bonnie, Elena, Caroline just got a GPS application on their phones, so that they can always find each other. Bonnie says they're in Alaric's classroom, so the vampires should enter the school through the south entrance. Are there GPS apps that specific? I have no clue. I'll just pretend it's a magical GPS app. All better now. Damon's intrigued by the technology. "Huh. A digital locator spell. Why the hell do we need you, then?" All right, I laughed, but I still wish Bonnie would give him a mystical migraine, just because. Damon demands Jeremy's ring. When he refuses to turn it over, Damon plays exposition fairy and explains that Jeremy's died at least once or twice while wearing the ring. Damon doesn't want another psycho killer on his hands. Jeremy says, "This is my ring. Elena is my sister. No one is going fight harder for her, than me." Damon's all: "Fine, be stubborn. Try not to kill him, Bonnie." Where were they going to get a random, willing human, anyhow? It's not like they brought Pudding Pop along.

When Klaus and Stefan arrive, Bonnie gives the three supernaturals a vial of her blood to bridge them all together. Once the guys are juiced up on Bonnie-blood and she stops Jeremy's heart, the fang gang can use her power to stop Vamparic's heart. They need to make a physical connection to his bloodstream -- a vein, artery or something connected to his heart. As Stefan drinks he says if one of them gets a clean shot, that one should take it. The other two can hold Vamparic down. Klaus tells them it's time to get on the same page. He created their bloodline. Killing him will kill the Salvatores, Caroline, Tyler and Abby. Damon doubts his veracity. Klaus tells him to call his bluff. Stefan gets them back on mission and leads them toward the school. Jeremy and Bonnie exchange a look.

Classroom. Vamparic is still trying to manipulate Elena into killing Caroline. He derides her sense and morals. Elena asks how torturing Caroline is right. Vamparic reminds her that Caroline has taken human life, and confessed that she enjoyed it. He goes on about how Elena's folks led the Council. It was their life's mission to keep Mystic Falls safe, and she undid it all in six months. Does she think they'd be proud of her? He tells her that if she doesn't side with the humans, she's just as bad as the vampires. "Now kill her or I'll do it for you, and I'll make it hurt." Elena manages to both vervain Vamparic in the face and free our Vampire Barbie, who escapes. Elena is less fortunate.

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