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Just Between Us Girls, Who Would You Have Picked?

Klaus finds a fleeing Caroline in the hallway. He covers her mouth and whispers that it's okay and that she's safe. He tells her he and the brothers will stop Vamparic and save Elena. Caroline is to go directly home and not go outside. His concern for her makes our girl a little breathless. When he asks if she understands him, Caroline nods and thanks him, in a throaty voice. Klaus is more moved than he cares to be. He Stealth Salvatores away.

Down another hallway, Vamparic is beating up Elena. He gets her in a trademark Vampire Diaries throttle and tells her he should kill her like he did M.E. Brian and Bill Forbes. She's the worst offender of all and doesn't deserve to live. Elena says there's obviously no humanity left in Alaric, and asks what's stopping him from killing her. He vamps out, but shakes off his game face and lets Elena go. You can see her doing the math in her head, but before she can say anything else, Stefan and Damon swoop in and grab Vamparic. Vamparic breaks the Salvatores' necks, so they're down for a little while.

Klaus arrives and thrusts his hand into Vamparic's chest. Vamparic screams. Bonnie, now linked to Klaus, begins her spell to stop the Germ's heart, but when Vamparic throws Klaus off, Bonnie's spell goes kaput. Back in the school, Vamparic is just about to thrust the ISoWOs into Klaus's heart when Elena screams at him to stop. If Vamparic doesn't let Klaus go, she will kill herself. She holds something sharp to her neck. "...You still need me alive. There's a reason why Esther used me to make you, isn't there? She didn't want you to be immortal. She tied your life to a human life -- mine. That way, you have only one lifespan to kill all vampires and then you'll be gone. So, when I die, you die too. That's it. It has to be." Klaus is silent and wide-eyed as he takes this all in. Vamparic says Elena is wrong. She says, "Am I?" She starts to scrape the sharp object (I can't see what that is -- a shard of glass, maybe) across her throat. When she draws blood, Vamparic screams at her to stop. He's so distracted, Klaus is able to throw him off. He scoops up Elena and Stealth Salvatores her out of the school. Commercial.

Klaus Haus. Klaus has a compelled phlebotomist or someone siphoning off Elena's blood. He will drain her to death. Tyler comes in. He wants to help Elena, but Klaus orders him to go fetch more blood bags. Elena begs Tyler to get Stefan. Klaus orders him to get the bags. Tyler tries to Stealth Salvatore to Elena's side. Klaus grabs him and tells him to forget the girl and get the bags, now. Elena looks so disheartened when Tyler obeys. Once he's alone with Elena, Klaus tells her that this sort of death is completely painless. Once the last drop of blood is drawn, she'll simply fall asleep.

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