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Just Between Us Girls, Who Would You Have Picked?

Klaus grabs Tyler and tells him goodbye. Just as he tries to rip out Tyler's heart, the Salvatores ride to the rescue. With Tyler's help, they hold down Klaus. Stefan sticks his hand into Klaus's chest. We cut to Bonnie who goes all Dark Willow and stops the Germ's heart. Back at Klaus Haus, Klaus stares into Stefan's eyes as he loses his strength. Damon turns from the scene and goes to Elena's side. She's awake. He helps her to her feet. Stefan is not unaffected as he watches Klaus desiccate.

Back in the woods, Bonnie looks like she's kind of getting off on this spell. Let's stick a pin in that and hope it means a storyline for Bonnie next season. When she realizes Jeremy is dead, she hovers her hands over Jeremy's chest, as if she's going to start CPR. Instead she starts chanting -- trying to save his life. Writers, Bonnie was a lifeguard, and there was a whole episode where Matt drowned himself so that... You know what. Never mind. There's one more episode after this one and then we have a whole new season before this. I don't have it in me to get indignant. (BUT TRY REAL CPR, DOOFUS!) When chanting doesn't work, Bonnie still doesn't try CPR. She tries shaking the Germ by the shoulder. Um. Then she kind of punches him in the chest, but not in the right place. She screams his name and finally he wakes. I think it's clear the show wants Jeremy to be resurrected by the ring, so that he too is in danger of having his dark side take over. I'm down with that. I just think that by having the CPR-by-chanting bit in there, the show calls too much attention to the fact that a lifeguard doesn't try real CPR when the magic doesn't work. I would have preferred if she just waited for the ring to bring him back. Whatever, he's back now. He sits up. Bonnie presses her forehead to his. We cut back to...

Klaus Haus. The desiccation is complete. Tyler and Damon are already leading Elena out of the room. Stefan lets Klaus's body drop to the floor. Remember when he was Satan Klaus? Now he's just Desikklaus. None of these fine strapping young men pick up this poor young woman who has just been drained of her blood. Stefan remains behind for a moment and takes a long look at Desikklaus. Stefan's face is all MY MIXED FEELINGS! LET ME SHOW YOU THEM! Commercial.

Plagiarism time. The Salvatores take Elena home. Before she goes inside, Elena apologizes to the boys and explains she doesn't mean to string them along. She just knows that if she chooses one of them, she will lose the other from her life, and she's lost too many people she loves. Call me crazy, but to me, that signals that she's leaning toward Damon. I mean, let's face it, if she chose Stefan, Damon would be pissed for a while. He'd act out, and then he'd get over it because he's a huge Stefan/Elena 'shipper.

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