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And They Called It Puppy Blood Love

2010; Mossy Manse; Detox Dungeon: Elena tries to encourage Stefan to come upstairs and talk to her some more, but he doesn't understand how she can even look at him, and can't believe she thinks he's ready. She does, so she nods and then removes his magic ring from her pocket and lays in on the cot between them. "And when you feel the same way, I'll be upstairs."

Grove Hill: The boys can find nothing of note in Henry's place. But Damon nicks some bagged blood and tosses Alaric a beer. Alaric takes it, but when he looks at poor dead Henry, and then around the room, he declares the whole endeavor a dead end. Damon tells him not to beat himself up over it. "What did you think you were going to find, huh? I mean -- Isobel with a cigar and slippers." That seems to serve as some sort of epiphany for Alaric. "Oh man, I -- I gotta stop this. I can't -- I can't keep searching for her." Damon: "Really? After only two years? That's actually... moderately healthy." Alaric: "What are you going on? 146?" Damon: "I figure the 200 mark is probably a good stopping point." Alaric plays along with an Ah, but then admits that no answer is ever going to be good enough to explain when his wife decided life with him wasn't sufficient.

Damon tries to help. "She charmed me, your wife, Isobel. She talked a good game, man. She was smart. She had this excitement in her eyes. I probably should have known there was something different about her -- some tie to Katherine. There had to be some reason I didn't kill her." It's then that Alaric remembers himself -- remembers he's sitting there with the man who maybe didn't take his wife away, but sure as Hell bought her bus ticket. "That's enough... Damon, I don't want to hear anymore. I just don't want to waste any more of my life searching for answers that I really don't want. I'm through with Isobel. I -- I'm done with all of this." And with that, he's gone. Hey Damon, that was a spectacularly sucky job of helping, but you get points for effort.

Pearl's Pad: Anna arrives home to find her mother packing like a mad woman. They have to leave town. Too many people know their secret. It's not safe. But Mo-ommmmmm! Anna totally has a cute new boy here. She can't leave. Pearl says, "This is about Jeremy." Anna argues: "No, it's about me, finally getting to build a life for myself. Please, Mama." Pearl just wants to protect Anna, but says she won't force her. "It's your decision."

Mossy Manse: When Damon returns he finds Elena still waiting for Stefan. She's got her feet up on the couch as she does homework. Damon lifts them, sits next to her, and then lets her legs rest across his lap. It's no dancing, I tell you what, but it is a cute moment. He tells her the errand was futile, but "I think I witnessed the teacher having an existential crisis." He then asks if Stefan has eaten, yet. Elena reminds him he doesn't care. She says she thinks he's getting ready to relent, and then blames Damon for heaping hot coals on Stefan's burning guilt for the past century and a half. "Punishing him for getting Katherine caught." Damon's jealous that he hasn't set up a flashback yet, so we'll give him this one. "In all this important soul-searching and cleansing of the demons of Stefan's past, did you ever manage to get the rest of the story?" Elena admits Stefan did say there's more to it. Damon: "Yeah, that's an understatement."

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