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And They Called It Puppy Blood Love

And yet? I can't trash this episode. An awful lot happened outside the A plot, and most of it was exciting. Poor Pearl. I really can't believe they killed off Kelly Hu, like that. I'm hoping against hope that the latest mystery Gilbert Gizmo is a vampire resuscitation device, and that Uncle Snark was lying about Johnathan Gilbert hating Pearl. My heart goes out to Anna. She just gets her mother back and she's gone again. And how about Alaric? Just when he swears off Isobel, she strolls back into his life. I can't wait for this week's episode.

I'm confused about one point, though. Previously, we learned that when Emily was burned as a witch, the Council confiscated her grimoire. Johnathan Gilbert gave it to Papa Salvatore, who said he would take those dastardly secrets to his grave. And he was being literal, because Stefan and Elena found Emily's grimoire when the dug up Papa's grave. Now, we saw Emily after Papa died. Um...unless Papa didn't die. I mean, we didn't see him die on screen, but we did see him staked through the gut, with his newly hungry vampire son feeding off his belly blood. Did Johnathan just toss the grimoire in Papa's casket? When did they kill Emily? Who was her brother? He has to have been mentioned for some reason or another. I hope we get a little more of that story, in the next two episodes.

I'll see you Friday morning with my recaplet of "Isobel." Huh. I wonder what that's about? Until then come on over to the forums, where you are not allowed to feel my guilt. I'm pretty sure that's in the FAQ. In the meantime, e-mail me at CynthiaMcLennan[at], or follow me on Twitter

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