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And They Called It Puppy Blood Love

Mossy Manse; 2010: Elena and Damon stare at Stefan through the bars. He's lying with his back toward them. Elena can't take seeing him locked up like that. Damon: "You're the one who locked him up." When Elena points out that Damon helped, he says, "I couldn't have him running around chewing on people while the town was looking for vampires, now could I?" Elena cocks an eyebrow. "It had nothing to do with you actually caring about him." Damon: "Your thing, not mine." Audience: "LIAR!" Damon leaves Elena, who can't help but take one more glance through the bars at her broken boy. Stefan knows she's there, but he never turns to her. He's having difficulty squeezing out yet another single perfect manly tear, so he closes his eyes and makes a fist. When he opens his eyes, he raises his hand and unclenches it, like a newborn who is just discovering the awesomeness of HANDS. No, I don't know what that was about, either. Doesn't matter, it's time to visit...

1864: Quarry; Lean-To: Stefan wakes the next morning, wondering when his gunshot wound healed, and how he got his ginormous, new Lapis Lazuli Family Crest Ring. Bonnie's ancestor, witch Emily Bennett (Bianca Lawson) appears, and tells him Katherine had Emily make the ring, weeks ago. Stefan: "Where am I?" Emily: "The quarry just north of town." Scott: "She looks a lot like that slayer from Buffy" Me: "She is that slayer from Buffy -- Kendra -- which I have mentioned in the recaps I know you've read." Scott: "Shut up." Anyhow, Emily and her brother ferried the then-dead Salvatore boys' bodies to their current hiding spot. Thanks to the blood Katherine had been feeding them, they're now transitioning into vampires. When Stefan swears he never drank from Katherine, Emily schools him in compulsion. For Damon, no compulsion was necessary. He and Katherine kept it real I bet that's why Damon is keeping it "real" with Elena, so that when he turns her, she'll be his twu luv. When Stefan asks where his brother is, Emily nods toward Damon.

Damon -- so beautiful (and beautifully lit that) he would make Guido Reni's Michael pea green with envy, is sitting shirtless by the water, when Stefan (still in his blood stained shirt) approaches. Without turning, Damon says, "I woke up last night. I didn't know where I was. I went to the church and I watched them drag her inside. Then they set fire to it. And the whole church went up into flames." It's then that Damon turns to his little brother. "They killed her, Stefan. She's gone."

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