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And They Called It Puppy Blood Love

2010; Mossy Manse: When Elena returns from detox dungeon, she finds Damon in the parlor, examining the latest Gilbert Gizmo. To recap: Pearl thought she was stealing the ACTUAL VAMPIRE COMPASS, but it just turned out to be a pocket watch/Gizmo that doesn't appear to work. After Damon chuckles at crazy scientist Johnathan Gilbert the Elder, he asks Elena if she's spoke to Uncle John "Snark" Gilbert, lately. She's been avoiding him, and besides, she's been bedding down at Mossy Manse, most nights. Damon: "So you'll be here again tonight?" Elena: "Is that a problem?" Damon turns to face her. "Yes. You're a complete nuisance." Elena laughs as she throws her bag over her shoulder and tells him she'll see him later. Cut to the chase, E. Will there be dancing? I need dancing. I need dancing like Stefan needs the high-test.

MFHS; Exterior: Anna surprises Jeremy. This 145 + 16 + [however many years since she's been sired] creature has enrolled in high school, just to be with her dreamboat boy-toy, all day long. Jeremy: "Awesome!" Audience in Public: "Sicko!" Audience in Private: "Awwww." They kiss. Audience: *melts*

Mossy Manse; Detox Dungeon: Damon brings Stefan some 100% Crittertarian blood and reminds him what will happen if he doesn't eat. When Stefan claims he's not hungry, Damon calls b.s. "We're eternally hungry; take it." He throws the plastic bottle through the bars. "The human blood should be gone by now. You want to explain why you're still in here, feeling sorry for yourself? Come on. Drink up!" Goodness, look at Paul Wesley's arms. And shoulders. Ahem. Stefan raises his head to eye the bottle of blood, but then returns to his intense study of the dungeon floor. Damon: "Fine, starve. What do I care?" Oh, Damon. Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

Mossy Manse Parlor: Damon's cell rings. It's Alaric. Damon wants to know how he got his number. Alaric: "Ahhhh. It's a mystery...." Oh hee, Alaric, but you don't need to be any cuter. You had us -- if not at hello -- then certainly at Ryan Fell's slaying. "Listen, I've been doing some digging on Elena's uncle." I've got an old criminologist friend from Duke. Blah blah blah Invasion-of-Privacy-cakes. Uncle Snark was getting calls from the same number Elena dialed to get Isobel. "And then the number was disconnected." Damon: "Isobel knows John. Whatever. We knew that." Alaric: "After that, he started getting calls from a new number. [...] It's an apartment in Grove Hill." Damon: "Isobel's in Grove Hill?" Grove Hill as you'll recall, is where Isobel was from, and is where Elena found Trudie Peterson.

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