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And They Called It Puppy Blood Love

Alaric doesn't know if Isobel is there, but thinks they ought to poke around together and see what they can find. Damon: "I'm not going with you. You tried to kill me." Alaric: "Yeah, well, you did kill me." Just then, Elena beeps in. She wants to know how Stefan is. Damon says, "Extra broody," and then clicks back to Alaric. The boys will have their man-date in an hour. Back on the phone with Elena, Damon tells her Stefan is refusing to eat. Elena knows he must. "What's his favorite... kind of um..." Damon: "His favorite kind of what?" Elena: "Type of animal blood -- that he prefers?" Damon: "Eww, gross." He tells her to hurry; he can't babysit as he has things to do. Elena: "I would say 'drop dead' but..." Damon: "Ha ha ha. Stefan likes...puppy blood. Little Golden Retriever puppies with cute, floppy ears. That's his favorite." Elena refrains from saying, "Jealous much," before she hangs up on him. She puts her phone in her purse, shuts her closet door, and turns toward the hallway to find...

Uncle Snark! Did he hear the whole thing? You bet your sweet bippy he did. Or maybe not, but that doesn't matter, as he knows the score, and he lets Elena know that he knows she knows. Elena tries to call Uncle Snark's bluff, but it's no use. "What do you think your mother would say if she knew you were dating a vampire?" Elena's face looks ready to crumble, but then turns to steel. "Which mother?" Oh no she didn't! (Oh yes she did.) Fierce Pierce Descendent, for the win! Elena slings her bag over her shoulder and marches off. She does that a lot, this week.

Mossy Manse; Detox Dungeon: Stefan eyes the bottle of critter blood, but decides brooding is just more fun.

1864; Quarry: Stefan figures Johnathan Gilbert has by now informed Papa Salvatore of their deaths. Damon: "As if he cares. He betrayed us." Stefan tries to give their dad the benefit of the doubt -- noting that Papa probably thought he was protecting the town. The sun bothers Damon's eyes. Stefan explains that, the aches and sick feeling are their bodies pushing them to feed and complete the transition. Damon says, "That's not gonna happen." Stefan asks Damon if death is his choice. Damon: "Isn't it yours? This was all to be with Katherine, but she's gone. I want it over." I want another five minutes of watching the angelic Salvatore vampire-tadpoles sitting shirtless in the sun, but is anyone listening? I think not.

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