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And They Called It Puppy Blood Love

Mossy Manse; Detox Dungeon: Elena tries to entice Stefan to drink. "You can't survive without it." Stefan doesn't want to survive. "I'm sorry, Elena. No more. After what I've done, it has to end. I just want it over." And O! He lets a single perfect manly tear fall, but it doesn't know it's suppose to be perfect, so it runs down his inner cheek until it raps around his nostril and resembles snot, leaving Dean Winchester the undisputed winner of the Single Perfect Manly Tear Sweeps. Buck up, Stefan. There's always next year. Commercial!

Mossy Manse; Parlor: Damon, the consummate drama queen, assumes Stefan is just being dramatic, and shares that thought with poor, little Elena, saying Stefan simply feels bad about hurting that girl, but won't starve himself. "It's a very typical Stefan-martyr stuff. It will pass." Elena is dubious, since Stefan seems to be in so much pain. Damon says that will pass once he feeds. When Elena argues that she doesn't mean physical pain, Damon says he knows what she means. And then, "Look, are you going to be okay here, if I run out? I have to go on a man-date an errand with the teacher." Elena: "Alaric? Are you two friends now?" Damon rises. "I don't have any friends, Elena." Elena squints the squint of disbelief. "Right." Damon grabs his jacket and puts it on. "You should um... you should stay up here. You shouldn't be down there by yourself." Elena rolls her eyes. "I'll be fine." Damon's not pleased. "You know, you're very trusting of him, given the circumstances." Elena says Damon is, too. "Otherwise, you wouldn't be leaving." Damon ignores her point. "I won't be long."

The Grill: With the roaring fire, the atmosphere is so cozy, so apr├Ęs-ski. Pearl meets up with Uncle Snark who is surprised she came. She wants to discuss the sale of the building. Still, Snark is surprised that she'd reveal herself like this. Pearl: "I'm not stupid, Mr. Gilbert. You knew who I was when you requested the meeting." She gives him a moment to digest that, then adds: "So, Damon tells me that you're looking for the device I took from Johnathan. I'm sure you realize I have no intention of giving it to you." That's why Snark wanted to meet her. He plans on changing her mind with his "Gilbert charm." Meanwhile, over at...

Gilbert Gables: Jeremy and Anna recap the history between Pearl and the Gilberts. Pearl was in love with Johnathan the Elder. He betrayed her. Now Snark wants the latest Gilbert Gizmo, which Pearl has already turned over to Damon. It's then that Jeremy mentions that there are additional Gilbert journals. "I bet he know that's how [Snark] knows everything." Anna, though, isn't in the mood for intrigue. She's in the mood for lurrrrrrrrve. "Do we have to talk about this all night? I've told you everything." With that, she crawls atop the Germ and kisses him, sending me running for Malese Jow is 19 years old. Steven R. McQueen is nearly 22. Whew.

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