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Moral Ambiguity For The Win!
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Brian Young's "Brave New World" gets off to a rip-roaring start, so let's do likewise. You ready? Okay. Previously Katherine snuck into Caroline's hospital room, gave her a "Game on" message for the Brothers Salvatore, and then smothered her to death.

Now: Since Damon fed her his blood hours before, Caroline wakes up tonight, as if nothing happened, and she is HUNGRY. Although Nurse Haynes (Terri James) chases Caroline back to bed without feeding her, Caroline makes a pitstop in a nearby room and grabs a juice bag, and by juice I mean blood. The nurse catches her in the other patient's room, but Caroline somehow manages to snag the bag and smuggle it into her room. Once she's alone, she drinks, gags, coughs and throws the bag to the floor. The gag-inducing blood is too yummy to resist though (I know), and soon she's down on the floor chugging like a sloshed frosh at a frat party.

Daytime; MFHS; Exterior: While Elena's setting up for the school carnival (which, thank the TV gods, has nothing to do with Founders' Day) Bonnie tries to talk about the curious case of Katherine Pierce, and also how Damon snapped Jeremy's neck, but Elena makes it clear she can't deal. She's human and she needs to do human things, like fill in for Caroline at the carnival. Bonnie gets the message and the girls joke about how Caroline can only do all she does because she is not at all human. Don't wink at yourself so hard, Show. Your face might stick that way.

Inside, Stefan gives Jeremy a crash-course in Defense Against the Dark Damon (and other vampires). Vervain and wooden stakes? Yes. Poking the crazy? No. That is, Stefan warns Jeremy off retaliating against Damon and says it's time to move forward. Jeremy scoffs. "I was killed by a vampire and brought back by a magic ring. How do you move forward from that?" I don't know, Germ, but I'd do it at top speed.

Just then, Elena wanders up, ready to work the boys to distraction. Jeremy's already on top of his carnival assignment (a goldfish toss -- what the hell is that?) so he leaves. Once she's alone with Stefan, Elena tells him all she wants is a normal teenage day full of normal activities culminating in a ferris wheel make-out session, with no mention of the V(ampire) word, 'kthanksbye. When she gets like that about vampires right in Stefan's face, I wonder if he stands there thinking she's a bigot. He doesn't seem to, but he also doesn't seem to get that talking about Damon, a vampire, has been forbidden by her no V word rule, so Elena makes it clear: no D(amon) word, either. When Stefan next brings up Katherine, I wait for a K embargo, but Elena just sighs and lets him talk.

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