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Pining For A White Oak Bridge Over the Fjord

Elena and Stefan arrive at Mossy Manse. Stefan can tell something's up at the house. Did you all watch Moonlight, because all I can think of is those vampires "smelling" the past, and it sends me into fits of giggles, during what should be an intense scene. I'm sure Stefan just probably smells the fresh blood. He gestures for Elena to remain at the front door, then heads out to the kitchen where he sees the shattered mug and the blood.

Elena is just closing the door when Alaric heads down the stairs. He has wrapped a towel around his hand. He lies that Mere got called to the hospital for a last minute surgery and also lies that he cut his hand when he broke a coffee cup. When Alaric asks if Stefan caught up with her, Elena is smart enough to lie and say no. She says she didn't find the ring, either. Alaric says he'll have to go get it. His eyes then wander to the bloody knife, which landed right by the front door. Elena follows his gaze and sees it too. Alaric starts to move toward her, but Stefan comes up from behind, gets Alaric in a headlock and squeezes until he knocks him out.

Panting from the exertion, Stefan gets a good whiff of the even more recent past. He tells Elena he needs her to come upstairs with him, because he's going to need her help. He busts open the bathroom door. Meredith is unconscious and bleeding out. Stefan can't help but vamp. Elena looks at him, her eyes full of fear. Stefan opens his wrist and places it to Meredith's mouth. She suckles, weakly. When Elena tells her she's going to be okay, Stefan nods as if he too might be okay, one day. Still, he flees the scene like he's been shot out of a gun. That's part of control, though -- knowing when you just have to get gone. Commercial.

Damon's sitting at Alaric's bedside when he awakes. Alaric asks what he's doing there. Damon cracks that he's just making sure "the witch" didn't turn him into a toad or a block of salt. He then explains about the spell. Alaric flexes his hand as if it's sore but there no visible wound, so I don't know if Damon gave him some blood to heal that, or what. I hope there's no interaction between vampire blood and the psycho killer suppression spell. Ric asks if something happened. Damon tells him about his alter-ego's episode, and says they're going to give him house arrest "light" at the loft until they're sure the spell is working. Alaric sits up and asks where Meredith is. When Damon only answers that she will be fine, Alaric seems to understand he must have hurt her.

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