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Pining For A White Oak Bridge Over the Fjord

Alaric: Oh, you and your tranquilizers. [The ring is] in a dresser by the kitchen. It's in an aspirin bottle -- probably covered in cobwebs.

Damon and Rebekah are in bed. She's sleeping, but I already told you about this scene, above, so I get to fast-forward, now. Yay, me!

Still wet, and wearing just a towel, Damon looks at the Salvatore business archives, while Sage distracts Rebekah. Once she's gone, he goes right to the archives from 1912. There are years' worth of archives here. Why choose 1912 -- is it just on a hunch, because Sage is in town? It's too easy. I mean granted, I don't want to watch Damon read through decades of ledgers and whatnot, but when this Son Of White Oak "plot" was introduced, Rebekah told Klaus that there was a cave painting that dates back to 300 years after the Mikaelsons fled back to the Old World, so Son Of White Oak would have existed more than 700 years ago, right? Now, oak trees can last for centuries, I don't have a big problem with that. I'm just thinking the Salvatores must have been harvesting trees and milling since somewhere around the 1860s until whenever they stopped, but Damon walks right to the 1912 records. HAVE I MENTIONED I HATE THIS DAMNED TREE PLOT?

Ahem. Okay, I'm going to collapse this storyline and plagiarize somewhat again, so I don't WRITE THE REST OF THE WEECAP IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS HERE. OKAY? OKAY! In the 1912 records, Damon sees that Son of White Oak brought the Salvatores big bucks, because it was used to build Wickery Bridge. That means the wooden underpinnings can kill an Original. Sage reminds Damon that her twu wuv Finn is an Original, but Damon strikes a bargain with Sage -- if she helps him kill Rebekkah, Finn will be spared.

After Damon gets dressed, he looks for Sage, who of course is already gone. He races to Wickery Bridge. Becky and Sage have already burnt all the wood. Since Sage could enter ancient Original Beckster's mind while she was sleeping, the comparatively juvenile Damon's mind was no challenge -- even while awake. Once she realized the Originals are linked (if one dies, they all will) she betrayed the Fellowship. Super. Now the already all-but-invincible Originals have an unoriginal, but thoroughly ancient and powerful addition to their team. This is where I want to choke the script. I know most of you prefer a scene by scene recap. Time makes that difficult to do, in a weecap. This Son of White Oak plot makes it IMPOSSIBLE TO DO WITHOUT SCREAMING, REGARDLESS OF MY DEADLINE. THANK YOU FOR INDULGING ME, GENTLE READERS. OH LOOK, HERE'S A SCENE WITH STEFAN AND ELENA. LET'S GET TO THAT!

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