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Pining For A White Oak Bridge Over the Fjord

When Elena arrives at Alaric's loft, Stefan is waiting for her. Alaric told him she'd be there. Elena tells him she knows he doesn't want to be around her. Stefan doesn't want to hurt her, but he can't be who she wants him to be right now, because he's not in control. He's there, because he's done more digging into the Gilbert family insanity. Samantha killed two people while she was institutionalized. She was on suicide watch, so she wouldn't have been wearing her ring at the time.

Elena: Wait, so you're saying the violent behavior can still happen, even if the person isn't wearing the ring?

Recapper: I've got a bigger "Wait, so..." In the recaplet, I mentioned that I wanted to choke Stefan at some point, but I didn't mention when. This is the when. I'm trying my best not to go all CAPS again, but seriously, show? Stefan leaves tiny little Mere home with Alaric, alone, to find Elena at the apartment and tell her something he could have told her over the phone? Shouldn't he maybe be babysitting Alaric instead, in case he has a ringless psycho killer fugue? Grr.

Alaric, who has been tranquilized by Mere, is snoozing on the couch. This is what tranquilizers are supposed to do, yes? Mere wakes him up to mention that neither of them have slept for two days, and to make him coffee. Thunk thunk thunk. It's clear Alaric is in a fugue. While Mere is in the kitchen, he goes to her medical bag and drains the tranquilizer syringes. Commercial.

We return to Mossy Manse, but it's a Sage and Damon scene I've already covered, so I get to fast-forward again.

Back at the loft, Stefan implies Elena's quest to save Alaric is futile. Elena asks if he's really talking about Alaric, or if he's talking about himself, because she's not giving up on either of them. There's one drawer Elena can't open. Stefan finally forces it open for her. It's full of photos of and articles about Alaric's victims. I wonder if our Ripper of Monterey feels inadequate, since he only wrote his victims' names inside a closet.

Elena comes across a big manila envelope labeled "Jeremy Gilbert." Inside is some kind of psycho killer manifesto Alaric must have written. Clipped to the front is a note that reads: "Jeremy, if anything happens to me, carry on my work. You have the other ring. Let the ring make you strong. The Council must be cleansed before the work can begin." Yikes.

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