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Pining For A White Oak Bridge Over the Fjord

Stefan finds a list of Council members. Here are the ones I can see: Meredith Fell, Daniel Jones (highlighted in orange); Linda Jones; Stanford Springfield; Carol Lockwood; Barbara Johnson; James Joseph Johnson, ESQ; [Illegible] Anderson; [another illegible name, highlighted in orange]; Thomas Michale Skinner; Donna Skinner; James Michael Harris (highlighted in orange); Nancy [Illegible].

Stefan: It's a Founders Council roster. It looks like some sort of hit list.

Elena: No, Alaric didn't write this.

Stefan: Who else would have written it, Elena?

Elena crumples up one of the papers, then rifles through the drawer with purpose, until she finds the aspirin bottle. The ring is inside. She tells Stefan she has to get back.

Mere is trying to familiarize herself with the kitchen at Gilbert Gables, when Ric comes back in the room. She chitchats about coffee and sandwiches, but Alaric changes the subject. He wants to know if she ever feels remorse. When Mere is all, "Huh?" Ric grabs a knife off the counter and walks slowly toward her, as he points out how the Council is supposed to protect the town from vampires, but they all look the other way and ignore their responsibilities. He mentions her medical use of vampire blood and again asks her if she ever feels remorse and says she should. Eyes wide, brow furrowed in horror, Mere can only stare at Ric. He lunges at her and slashes her in the stomach. She grabs a mug full of coffee and pours it on his arm. As he yells, the mug falls to the floor and shatters, and Mere runs toward her medical bag. When she sees the empty syringes, she starts upstairs. Ric grabs her legs. She falls, but manages to kick herself free and the knife falls to the first floor. Mere gets in the bathroom, but there are three doors to this fricking bathroom. She locks one, then another, but Alaric gets ahold of the third one. She grabs a pair of scissors and stabs him in the hand. He releases his grasp on the door. Mere slams it shut and locks it. We get a close up of her gut wound. It looks bad. Commercial.

Sidebar: I know I have been tough on this episode, but this is a wonderfully creepy scene. Kudos to both actors, the director, the writers and everyone. I'd already accepted (in my head) that Ric is the psycho killer, but this makes me believe it in my heart. Bravo, Show.

The rest of the Rebekah/Damon/Sage story detailed earlier plays out on Wickery Bridge. Fast-forwarding for the win! I will add, without getting ranty, that Damon threatens to kill Sage. She reminds him that she's 900 years old, so there's little chance of that. Damon then takes pleasure in telling her that Finn was more than happy to be Mama Original's sacrificial lamb. He was suicidal and he certainly doesn't love her. Then, Damon makes himself a true target with his old mentor, by telling her than when he does find a way to kill the Originals, he will start with Finn. See, Damon. This is what Elena means about self-control.

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