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This Is Better Than Mourning, How?

Woods. Caroline can't find Elena so she yells, "Don't make me fight you, Elena. I'm stronger than you, and I don't want to hurt you." Um, Caroline, you remember you can't see her, right? Oh never mind. Here comes Elena. She Stealth-Salvatores up behind Caroline and does things to her that an action-scene oriented recapper would be better suited to describe. In short, they fight. Elena pins down Caroline, but Caroline manages to shake her off. Elena says, "Not bad. Not technically good, but then again, Alaric didn't train you. You were probably too busy butting into other people's business." And they start fighting again. Caroline tries to talk Elena down, but Elena reminds Caroline that she doesn't care. About anything. She tells Caroline that she should try flicking off the humanity switch. "Who knows? You might stop whining about how Tyler left you. Added bonus: you won't have to feel guilty about all the dirty thoughts you have about Klaus." Caroline: "Shut up." Elena: "Make me."

Sidebar. I don't want you to think I'm ignoring the fact that the younger vampire is not overwhelmed by the older one. I just think the writers already explained it with Elena's comment about training with Ric. Also? I already mentioned it in the recaplet.

Caroline rushes at Elena, but Elena bests her, and taunts her. "You fight like a girl." Really, Show? I remember when you used to treat your female characters right. After knocking Caroline to her knees, Elena breaks a branch off a tree and is about to stake Caroline when Stefan zoops in out of nowhere, grabs Elena and then tosses her to Damon after he zoops in out of nowhere. As Elena struggles to be free, Damon says, "I admit, under any other circumstance, this would be a major turn-on." When Stefan says, "Get her out of her," Damon spirits Elena away. Once they're alone together, Caroline and Stefan struggle to catch their breath. Commercial.

Mossy Manse. Parlor. Caroline leaves another pathetic voice mail for Tyler. It's cut short when she gets a text from Matt (or "Matt") that reads: "Meet me at Tyler's house." Stefan comes in and asks Care if she's okay. They again analyze and criticize Elena and wonder how they can get her back. Caroline has the presence of mind to understand why Elena might not choose to turn her emotions back on. "She's an orphan. She just lost her brother. Her life sucks, Stefan, so why would she come back to us?" Well, you two haven't given her much reason this season. Stefan says, "Even when I was at my worst, Elena didn't give up on me, so we can't give up on her." He holds out his hand. "Deal?" Caroline takes it and shakes it. I can't help but think that all the things these two say to each other about Elena, they should say to Elena. Granted, now, with her emotions (let's go back to using "humanity," show because Elena is demonstrating plenty of emotions) off, this talk would be less effective, but all season long they've been treating her like a math problem. I'd be acting up if I were in Elena's shoes, too.

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