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This Is Better Than Mourning, How?

Sidebar. Remember whatever year that was when there was the Writers' Strike, and the TV season was shortened by a half dozen or so episodes? Yeah, that was awesome.

And here's Hayley! Who? Hayley -- Tyler's werewolf friend played by Phoebe Tonkin. No, don't feel bad, I'd put her out of my mind, too. She's back. She exits a truck stop and starts walking between two rows of trucks. At first, I think they want me to think she's turning tricks. Even though Hayley is one of those Things That Go Bump in the Night, she's startled when something goes bump in the night. It's some random vampire (later we'll learn his name is Will), who throttles her then throws her to the ground. Since Connor the Vampire Hunter was able to extract werewolf venom from Tyler's mouth while Tyler was in human form -- and also because Tyler was in human form that time he bit Caroline -- it seems to me Hayley ought to be able to bite Will and save me from recapping any more about him than these few seconds. Yeah, I know Tyler's a hybrid and Hayley's just a typical werewolf, but if he's venomous in human form, she ought to be, too. Of course the mythology of this show has gotten so tortured this season, that I don't even know why I'm bothering you fine people, or even myself, about this particular point.

Before Will can further assault Hayley, Klaus swoops in, grabs him and says, "Have a care mate. That's no way to treat a lady." Yo, Klaus, don't sweat it. That's no lady. It's just Hayley. Being the Original pain in the neck that he is, Klaus doesn't listen to me, because he's already going for Will's jugular. After he takes a big bite, Klaus tosses Will aside, like he's as unimportant as a character-driven storyline in an unnamed TV vampire drama, then gives Hayley his best bloody-lipped (MY WORD PEOPLE, IF YOU DON'T HAVE A NAPKIN, USE YOUR SLEEVE), tilted head, come hither look.

Hayley smiles up at her unlikely hero. "You came." Not yet, Hayley, but I'm sure you two will get there, soon enough. Hey, I know I don't usually work blue, but sometimes, I have to. When Will "vamp runs" away, Klaus tells Hayley not to worry because her assailant will be dead by the following night. He then berates Hayley for being foolish enough to make a deal with Katerina. He'll protect Hayley though, as soon as she tells him everything she knows about our girl Kiki. We cut to...

Mossy Manse. Morning. While Elena showers, Stefan and Damon continue their spat. Since having fun didn't pay off, Stefan wants to take Elena back to school. That'll teach her. (Wait for it. There ya go.) As a student, Stefan can keep an eye on Elena there, while Damon tracks down Katherine and the cure, which Stefan insists Elena needs more than ever. Is anyone else just STRAINING against every single one of these nincompoops who can't manage their own lives, planning how Elena must live hers? With Jeremy dead, what does she even have left as a human now? Has anyone asked her if she still wants the stupid cure? Ugh.

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