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This Is Better Than Mourning, How?

Caroline's walking down the hall under a huge "Welcome Cheerleaders" banner and leaving a voicemail for Tyler about how Elena isn't back to normal, but they're working on it. She then babbles about how she hasn't heard for him, and how she keeps leaving messages and she loves him. Matt comes up and asks if she's seen Bonnie. Caroline says something about Bonnie being drained from "everything." Matt's smile is a little off, even though his, "Can't really blame her," response seems fine. The people in our forum put this in my head and they know I resent them for it, so I'm passing on the favor to you: what if Silas is wearing Matt's meatsuit, or otherwise controlling Matt?

Elena interrupts and asks Caroline if she can get her back on the cheerleading squad. Caroline's smile is so condescending, I want to wipe it off her face. When Caroline says, "I think that would make Damon really happy," I just want to shut off the TV, or maybe see what old Must See TV is airing these days. I think The Office is ending, right? I hear it's terrible these days, but I stopped watching it once it started declining, so I'm still full of good will where it is concerned. We cut to...

Klaus Haus. There's a knock at the door, and Klaus is, as you can imagine, just thrilled to see Damon. There's no reason he doesn't kill him on sight, so let's ignore that because Damon's pretty funny here. "I came up with a list. It's called 'Things You Suck At'. Number one: finding Katherine...ever. Number two: covering up your secret phone conversations with that little back-stabber, Hayley." Okay, the list title and the first item are funny. Damon's there to find out about Katherine, of course. Klaus is not up on my plan to ignore the fact that he hasn't already wiped out the entire Fellowship in retribution for Kol's death and grumbles about how he's totally going to get around to it. Damon pshaws him and tells him Katherine has the cure and is most likely planning to shove it down Klaus's throat. Damon proposes they work together. He'll get the cure and give it to Elena and everyone wins. He just wants to talk to Hayley. Klaus declares Hayley off-limits, but tells him how he bit one of Katherine's minions, who could probably help, were he not going to die soon. We cut to the...

Sheriff's Office: Liz tells Stefan that all the blood is gone from the hospital. The town is at a tipping point. If there are any more unexplained events (like the Gilbert Gables fire) then things are going to boil over. Now I have "I'm a Little Teapot," in my head. Thanks a lot, Liz. Stefan promises he'll help. When Liz asks who would want blood so bad and be so careless, we cut to...

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