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This Is Better Than Mourning, How?

Neighboring Grove Hills Trauma Center. Damon has his reasons for looking for the missing vampire there, but I won't bore you with them. It's Rebekah's response that's more fun. "Impressive. You're like Sherlock Holmes..." I'm about to object on behalf of my clients, Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey, Jr., but then the Original Vampire Barbie adds, "...With brain damage." Atta girl. At any rate, while checking out the Grove Hills blood bank, they find Mystic Falls isn't the only town whose blood supply has been stolen. Damon figures their guy wouldn't have had time to rob both hospitals, but on the plus side, this empty blood bank means the guy they're looking for is probably still nearby and hungry.

Rebekah remembers... her life, so she warns Damon that this better not be a wild goose chase. He insists that he wants to find the cure as much as she does, but Rebekah knows the sire bond is broken, so she has her doubts. "Why would you want to find the cure? You'd just cure her back to loving your brother. I think you're best off leaving it for me." As Damon watches Rebekah walk out, it is clear that he knows she has a point. We cut to...

Klaus Haus. Hayley criticizes all of Klaus's art work, except for one painting of a lonely shadow figure. Bah. Then Klaus natters about control and art and life. Hayley mocks Klaus's Let Me Show You My Etchings seduction technique, then tries to argue for Tyler's life. She figures Klaus hasn't killed Tyler yet because he doesn't want to forever alienate Caroline, but Klaus says sentencing Ty to paranoia and fear is true punishment. You know what else would work, Klaus? Recapping this dialogue. Talk turns back to Katherine and the network of allies that has helped her escape him lo these centuries. These two get more flirty as they try to come to a deal, but I'm just not feeling it. We cut to...

Mossy Manse. Stefan is there when Elena wakes in Damon's bed. If that isn't a metaphor for this show, I don't know what is. Elena is grounded and she's not happy about it, so she strips in front of Stefan. He chides her for trying to manipulate him with sex the way Katherine would. Elena says Katherine has been on the run so long, "...she's afraid of her own shadow. I am not afraid of anything. I have shut it all off -- all of it, including my feelings for you. Don't get me wrong. I mean, I see you standing there and you look good. I remember our sex. It was good sex. I just don't feel anything about it, anymore, but you clearly do." She's dressed by now, and sending texts as she rubs her disregard in Stefan's hurt face. She doesn't understand why he cares what she does or who she kills. Stefan says it's his fault she's like this because he brought vampirism into her life. He already has to live with the people he's killed. He doesn't want to have to live with the ones Elena kills, too.

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