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This Is Better Than Mourning, How?

Elena largely ignores him and instead continues to type away, so finally Stefan grabs the phone out of her hand and asks who she's texting. Elena says, "Look at you. Your whole world revolves around me. Maybe you're the one that needs to turn it all off." They're interrupted by a thud and voices. Downstairs, Elena's texts have paid off. There's a big party brewing at Mossy Manse, including delicious kids from vervain-free towns. Stefan is pissed, which delights Elena a lot, considering she's allegedly without feelings. Commercial.

Caroline arrives and she and Stefan enjoy the party in what's sadly become their wet blanket fashion. They look with derision at Elena dancing, but then start to appreciate that she is finally having fun. Caroline casts off the wet blanket and encourages Stefan to enjoy himself. There's nice chemistry between the two of them in this scene. His eyes twinkle as he asks Caroline if he's supposed to, "...grab some girl, throw her onto my shoulder and take her out on the dance floor?" When Caroline thinks that's the ticket, Stefan throws her over his shoulder. Caroline giggles in protest as we cut to...

Grove Hills. Rebekah finds Damon in the parking lot, feeding on a hospital worker. After Becky mocks his lack of subtlty, Damon compels his victim to slowly walk to her car. She's bait for their vampire, and it works. When he stumbles out of the shadows and toward the bleeding woman, Damon Stealth-Salvatores him against a tree and is about to stake the guy when he recognizes him. "Will?" Will says, "Hey buddy," and then shows Damon the rotting wound on his neck. "I think there's something wrong with me. I need help." Damon says, "Yeah, it's okay. I know what to do." Because it's Season Gore, he then reaches in Will's chest and pulls out his heart for us to admire. Rebekah yells, "What the bloody hell are you doing?" Damon lies, "He was too far gone. I put him out of his misery." I hope you don't buy that, Rebekah. We cut to...

Klaus Haus. Klaus tells Hayley he's gotten word from Rebekah that her assailant is dead. "So you're safe and free to go. Or stay." Hayley says she could be persuaded to stay and enjoy the good life. Perhaps she could drum up some of Katherine's secrets, so that Klaus will help her, in return. Klaus makes it clear he has no intention of letting Tyler go, but Hayley figures she has no chance with Tyler and Klaus has no chance with Care Bear. Hayley changes tacts and starts talking about the one painting she didn't hate. "I saw how twisted it is, and maybe I can relate." Do I have to pay attention to what they're saying? No I do not. They have sex. I have never seen Klaus have less sexual tension with any character on this show, and that includes his siblings. And possibly his mother. We cut to...

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