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Sometimes, I approach an episode as a critic, in that I try to be objective. Sometimes I approach it as a fan. I don't choose my approach, so much as it chooses me. The choice doesn't seem to be dependent on episode quality, so much as where the episode hits me. Some episodes (of any show) hit me in the head. Others hit me in the gut. "Bringing Out the Dead" is a gut-punch, but it's also made me all thinky, too. That's my favorite kind of story -- one that delivers the old one-two.

Once something (or someone) is one of my favorites, good versus poor sort of fades into the background. Sure, there might be "problems" with this episode, but few (if any) of them originate in this episode. So while I'll poke at them along the way, none of them affect my love of "Bringing Out the Dead." So, if you're hoping for Bitter Cindy, you should probably read the recaplet of the last Once Upon A Time episode (or heck, any of my No Ordinary Family weecaps; my bile revs up at episode 6), instead.

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries... I'm a writer, not a mather, but over the course of more than two and a half seasons, I must have spewed about a half million words telling you what's happened, previously, on The Vampire Diaries...

Klaus: Is she stalling? I think she's stalling.

Elijah: Well, the episode hit a little too close to home for her. Did you get a gander at the recaplet?

Klaus: I pity her readers. They come for snark and instead, she serves up snivels.

Elijah: Pot, I've got kettle on Line One, for you.

Klaus: What's that supposed to mean?

Elijah: Little half-brother, I might have just spent months in a casket, but even "dead" I was not deaf to your weeping and wailing. Cut the lady some slack.

Klaus: Fine, so should we just tell the story?

Recapper: Oh, you two guys! You would do that for me?

Elijah: Well, if those "super heroes" on No Ordinary Family could do it, surely we can.

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