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Bringing Out The Dead

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Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Finn: *Stabs dagger through Klaus's hand*


Rebekah: *Appears. Stabs dagger in Klaus's gut* "This is for our mother."

Kol: *Restrains Klaus*

Elijah (to Stefan and Damon): You're free to go. This is family business.

Fortress Forbes...

Caroline holds her father's hand as he dies. Her mother stands by, supporting her. I run out of the room.

Gilbert Gables...

Elena: Caroline called. Her dad died. Will you stay with me until [Ric] wakes up? I can't lose any more family.

Matt: Of course.

Elena Haters: We hate your fricking guts, Elena, because Damon and Stefan love you you, who have lost your father, mother, aunt, creepy-ass bio-mom, and (emotionally speaking) Stefan -- you, who had to separate from her brother to save that brother from life on this Hellmouth, cannot stand to wait alone, with Ric's corpse, hoping against hope that his ring hasn't completely lost all its mojo.

Bill's Ghost: Block them out, Cindy. Mind over matter. Mind over matter. Mind over matter.

Recapper: I'm trying, Bill. I'm mostly sorry you died, until I remember what you did to Caroline, but then I see how heartbroken Caroline is, and decide if she has forgiven you, who am I not to.

Bill's Ghost: Thank you. I think.

Matt: Come here, ladies, and get a big Pudding Pop hug. Guaranteed to cure what ails you.

Elena and Cindy: It's worth a shot.

Ric: *Still dead*

Woods, Night...

Stefan: You were right about bringing back Elijah.

Damon: I'm right about a lot of things.

Stefan: You could have left me there. Klaus would have killed me and you would have had Elena all to yourself.

Damon: I didn't do that on your account. Hold up. I have a phone call from our girlfriend, on whose account I did save your sorry ass, but I'm totally ignoring it, because while I've told her I will always choose her and I've promised I would never again leave her, I never said squat about taking every single one of her damned calls. What is it with girls and the phone, brother?

Stefan: I don't know, but a word of brotherly advice. Don't ever break Elena's cell phone. Just trust me on this one.

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