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Bringing Out The Dead

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Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Crickets: *Cricketing*

Stefan: I love her, Damon.

Damon: So do I.

Recapper: And you both look so thrilled. Ain't love grand?

Fortress Forbes...

Liz: So I just watched my ex-husband die, which I might be cool with, because did you see what he did to my baby girl, when he found out she was a vampire? On the other hand, she feels really bad about losing him, so I am hurting for her. Now I've got Elena Gilbert on the phone, asking me if Meredith Fell could be responsible for attacking Alaric. Fell has an ironclad alibi. She has been in surgery with a room full of eye-witnesses, for six hours. Or, you know, so says the compelled person I spoke to, over the phone. I don't know who's responsible for this third attack on a member of the Council, but we just cleared our only suspect.

Gilbert Gables...

Ric: This news hits me so hard, I resurrect, although I'm choking on my own blood.

Elena: I will hold your hand.

Ric: That's sweet, but I was hoping for one of those hugs, from Pudding Pop.

Matt: I so gotta get out of this town.

Recapper: There are a lot of good schools in the Greater Boston area, Matt. If Alaric actually gets well enough to talk, you should ask him.

Back at the caves...

Damon: I hope the witches got the coffin open, especially since they seem to be unconscious or dead, right here at our feet.

Stefan: Still breathing. And the coffin is open.

Damon: And of course it's empty. Great job, you stupid witches.

And back at Klaus Haus...

Rebekah: Don't mind me. Now, I'm renovating. *Throws vase*

Vase: *Shatters*

Klaus: I just want us to be a big, happy family, you know, like we apparently never were.

Elijah: Don't worry. None of us will be alone, again, Klaus. Do you hear my italics-of-exclusion, when I said us?

Finn: You're staying behind, to ponder how my English is so perfect, even though, when you daggered me, it did not exist in its current form.

Rebekah: We're leaving you, Nik, as soon as I kill your wet nurse, to ensure you'll be alone -- always and forever, or at least until someone else from that damnable Petrova line pops out a doppelganger.

Klaus: If you run, I will hunt you all down.

Elijah: Then you'll become everything you hate -- our father. Notice my italics-of-exclusion around our?

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