Vampire Diaries
Bringing Out The Dead

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Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Klaus: I'm the hybrid. I'm the hybrid. I'm the hybrid. I'm not scared of you.

Elijah: You will be, when we have that coffin.

Elijah: *Snivel*

Front Door: Someone is opening me.

Eloise Hawking, the Maybe not so Original Witch: *Strides in*

Rebekah: Mother!

Klaus: Hrrufferrumph hrrufurrrumph.

Eloise Hawking: Look at me. Do you know why I'm here?

Klaus: To kill me?

Eloise Hawking: Niklaus, you are my son, and I am here to forgive you, and to show off my mad Modern English skills, too.

Finn: Like mother, like son.

Klaus: ???!!!???

Eloise Hawking: *Gives the hairy eyeball to the rest of her spawn* I want us to be a family again.

Audience: That cannot be good.

Daniel Faraday: You're telling me.

And yeah, here's where I should insert some commentary, I suppose, but I can't. This episode really broke me, y'all, so I'm making a hasty retreat. Please grade the episode at the top of the page, and then come join us in the forum, where it's always a family affair.

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