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Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Klaus: Thank you. You know, people seldom seem to appreciate how much more damned interesting I've made the younger Salvatore. Anyway, I reinsert the dagger in Kol's chest as I tease Elijah that I've more to reveal about our family (particularly Mother's passing) and remind him he's sworn to be loyal to me, "Always and Forever."

Elijah: I cannot tell you where to stick that oath, since doing so will tip my hand and reveal I am going to work behind your back, with Damon.

Klaus: Right. So, I plead with Elijah to help me destroy Stefan, so our family can once again be whole.

Elijah: I roll my eyes right into next scene, which we're not in, so I think we should hand off the baton, as it were.

Elena: Got it!

Recapper: Elena, you've been going through so much. Are you sure you have the time and energy to help with the recap?

Elena: Oh yeah. You've been really nice to me, Cindy, even when others have been hating on me. I'm glad to help. Besides, I've been training with Alaric. My stamina has doubled.

Damon: Let me put that to the test.

Alaric: Why I oughtta...

Recapper: Skedaddle, Evil Pixie Monster. You're not in this scene.

Elena: Right. At first it's just me, Alaric and Alaric's overgrown liver. He's hung over, yet again, and telling me about drunk dialing Meredith at 2:00 AM.

Alaric: Jenna had nothing on me, in the World's Worst Guardian competition.

Recapper: I hate that I love the chemistry between the two of you.

Matt Davis: I love it so much, I wrote fan fic about it, on Twitter. It starts with this tweet.

Recapper: Please to remain in character, whilst recapping, m'kay?

Doorbell: Ding Dong!

Elena: It's Sheriff Forbes. This can't be good.

Liz: I know, right? And it isn't. Anyhow, this is one of those conversations where we acknowledge this town is crawling with creatures of the night, so you've got my back, right?

Alaric: Your front's not so bad either, when they let you dress in civvies and do your hair.

Liz: I'm on duty, which means I can only flirt with Damon, and he's not here. Let's get down to business. Here's a bloody stake. It was driven into the heart of Medical Examiner Brian, the night of the Wickery Bridge fundraiser.

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