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Bringing Out The Dead

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Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Recapper: Don't you pick on the writers, this week. This is my favoritest episode. Besides, maybe Damon or Ric took those stakes from the lake house and stowed them in Damon's car.

Elena: All right, fine. Just don't start crying again. It lessens the impact of my tears.

Klaus: And mine!

Elena: You're not in this scene, which reminds me, I've so got to get Bonnie working on a de-invite spell.

Bonnie: F.M.L. Again.

Willow: The de-invite spell isn't all that hard.

Bonnie: I'm sure it isn't. It's just principle of the thing, Willow. "Bonnie cast this spell. Lift that curse. Tote this enchantment. Heft that unsealing." It's all I do. Now I don't even have a boyfriend anymore, because he cheated on me with another supernatural entity, and then hightailed it out of Dodge.

Willow: Our stories have some striking similarities. Have you considered playing for the home team? Doing spells takes on a whole new meaning. Just sayin'...

Recapper: Ladies, first of all, you don't belong here. Secondly, Bonnie, I've had an epiphany about why you and yours are always getting dragged into this vampire crap. I'll hit it, when the time is right. Now shoo, you two.

Ric: Thank you. I mean I'm all set to acknowledge that Meredith is looking more and more like a suspect. I mean...Damon's car was at the fundraiser. So was Meredith. Brian was there. He called her a psycho. When do I get to make my points?

Elena: Ya just did. So Ric, why would Meredith try to kill Bill, after saving him?

Ric: Well, he is a major dick. I mean, he tortured his own kid.

Elena: And? He's not nearly as much of a hottie as Damon. Not that I think...Damon is not...I don't...Hot.

Recapper: Keep trying, Elena. Did anyone consider that Meredith's motive for attacking Bill might be his fury at learning she dosed him with vampire blood? He's on the Council. Maybe he decided to rat her out.

Ric and Elena: Not in this script.

Meanwhile, over at Klaus Haus, the Handsome Club convenes...

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