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A Marvelous Night For A Moondance
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Well, babies, this is our last blast before the evil hiatus. Speaking as a recapper, I'm looking forward to having a break over the holidays, but I'm not just a recapper. I'm an unrepentant fangirl of this show and these characters, and I think I'm already going into withdrawal. Let's get right to it, and let the healing begin!

Tyler is trying to prepare himself for his first full moon since he transitioned into a werewolf. Since he's filled up Mason's cell phone's voice mail with pleading messages, he now tries Mason's home phone. He's fairly explicit about his werewolf predicament, but of course Mason's never going to hear this, thanks to the heartectomy Damon performed on him. Someone else is listening in, though -- it's a woman. The show tries to pretend her name is Jules, but they can't fool me. Jules is my sitcom best friend who always has a glass of wine ready for me. Look at this girl. She's clearly the third Hilton sister, so let's call her THS. Meanwhile, at...

Gilbert Gables: Bonnie talks to Elena about de-spelling the moonstone. Elena's worried that if Satan Klaus wants it, and gets it back de-spelled, he'll kill everyone she loves. She pretends to go along with Bonnie's plan, but when no one's looking, Elena swipes the stone out of Bonnie's purse. As Elena tries to sneak out of the house, Bonnie and Jeremy stop her. Leaving her alone with the moonstone was a test to see if Elena can be trusted to stop offering herself up as a sacrifice, and she just failed. Bonnie grounds her. With magic. Elena is mystically sealed in Gilbert Gables, even though everyone else can come and go. Uh-oh. I sympathize with you Bonnie, but that can't be good! Elena has cadre of Originals after her. You've just made her the cheese in your mousetrap. Eek!

Ye Olde Tomb: Damon brings Stefan a survival pack, including a bottle of blood, but Stefan won't take that, as he says Katherine would only end up drinking it, too. He's glad to desiccate as long as he takes her with him.

Lockwood Estate: THS arrives at the mansion, just as Tyler is heading out. She asks him and Carol where Mason is. The Lockwoods are distressed to learn that Uncle Brick House never returned to Florida. While Carol deals with THS and this distressing news, Tyler makes tracks to the Grill, because Caroline essentially lives there, these days. He fills her in on the fact that Mason is missing. Alaric, who had been lunching with Jenna, takes this all in.

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