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A Marvelous Night For A Moondance

Gilbert Gables: Damon arrives and is surprised Bonnie has gone, but knows she's got to work on de-spelling the moonstone. He informs the Gilberts that "Vampire Barbie" is to dog-sit Tyler, and he's there to watch Elena. Damon is pleased as punch to see Elena trapped and safe in her own home. Just then, Alaric calls to report that THS has officially declared Mason a missing person. He tells him about THS's visit. This town has a supersonic grapevine, yeah? I do wish these guys would take a course in burying their victims. Then they'd have fewer complications. I know I do. Damon tells Jeremy to sub for him on Elena duty, and then teases the captive that she should go out and enjoy the sun. The Germ laughs as plops on the couch and lays his head on the pillow lying across big sister's lap. Our girl has had enough. She throws a pillow at Damon (and misses -- poor E), then dumps Jeremy right off her lap and onto the floor.

Lockwood Ruins: Caroline drives up, the camera man gets the obligatory shot of the Ford Fiesta logo on the car's rear. Caroline tries to suggest that maybe Mason's just on a perfect wave quest. Tyler tries to buy into that, but he's concerned and distracted, and has enough trouble of his own, right now.

Meanwhile, once THS leaves the Lockwood home, she calls a mysterious someone from her car to report that Mason is missing and that he lied about there being no more werewolves. I feel I must speak on the late Brick House's behalf. He didn't lie. He died before Tyler turned, Miss THS. She's not listening. Bah. Commercial.

Grill: Damon meets up with Alaric and soon thereafter, THS arrives and quizzes Matt about Mason. Hi, Pudding Pop! Damon and Alaric quickly twig to the fact that THS is Mason's girl, and speculate whether she's a werewolf. That's just what they need with the impending full moon! Fortunately, Damon has some wolfsbane on him, so they decide to find out.

Lockwood Ruins: Caroline doses Tyler's water bottle with wolfsbane as he hooks up his chains and restraints. And then he rips off his shirt. Hello, Michael Trevino. Please give our fondest regards to your trainer and your gene pool. Caroline is adorably blushy in this scene, averting her eyes and wondering if he's going to get completely naked. Tyler stretches out his waistband. "It's elastic. I don't think it's going to be like the Hulk, where I get to keep my pants." Ha.

Casa Manwitch: Bonnie returns Junior Manwitch's dogtags and apologizes for channeling him without warning -- and nearly killing him, like you do. Then he shows her his etchings! I mean, he shows her Senior's grimoire collection. Oh, my heart's about breaking for Jeremy right now, and I don't get how that happened, but it did. Anyhow, Luka agrees to help Bonnie figure out the right unbinding spell for the moonstone. While I try to cook up a delusting spell for these two.

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