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A Marvelous Night For A Moondance

Gilbert Gables: Elijah tells Elena he killed the vampires at Slater's last week because he didn't want her to be taken. Satan Klaus is the most hated and feared Original, and other vampires are desperate for his approval. Elijah's goal is not to break the curse. He says that Satan Klaus is a paranoid, obsessive recluse, and Elena figures out pretty quickly that Elijah doesn't know where Klaus is, and is trying to use her as bait. He tells her that if she lives her life and stops fighting, then when the time is right, the two of them can draw Klaus out, together, and then Elijah will kill him. He promises none of her friends will be harmed. Like her, he has magical friends and says together they can protect everyone. When he asks if they have a deal, Elena says she needs one more thing before she'll agree.

Casa Manwitch Rooftop: Bonnie and Luka light a gajillion candles, and then Bonnie produces the moonstone, but won't tell Luka what it's for. Then they do a spell. And yeah, it's sort of a lot like a Tara/Willow spell, if you know what I'm saying, and I think you do. Candles flicker and flare. The moonstone floats and seems to explode like fireworks. Oh, this boy is crooked, I'll tell you what.

Lockwood Dungeon: Tyler is in absolute agony. I want to wrap him in a blanket and feed him warm chocolate pudding. So I guess I'm calling him Pudding Pup from now on. He cries and moans. And just -- I have to tip my hat to Trevino here, and not for his fine physique, this time. It's his acting. He reaches a really vulnerable place in this scene as he's crying out, "It hurts." He sounds so young and scared. Not a lot of guys his age would play it this way. It's perfect. Kudos to the director, too.

Grill: Damon's still trying to get THS to drink. When she finally agrees, the camera cuts away, so it's not clear to me if she just sniffs it, or not. Her lips look like she took a little sip, but reader Erin (hi Erin!) is pretty sure she just sniffs it. Whether or not she drinks it, Damon's plan sort of works, because THS slams the drink down on the bar, calls Damon a fool, reveals she sniffed him out as a vamp right away, and outs herself as a werewolf. She repeats that she wants to know where Mason is. Damon sneers that she probably won't find him, and then warns her to leave town. THS is not amused. "Are you threatening me? On a full moon? How stupid are you?" Oh, THS, he is very stupid. Actually, he's more impulsive than stupid. But his impulsiveness makes him do stupid things, so I can see where you'd get that impression. Alaric wanders back over still playing drunk guy, but it's too late. THS warns that it's not the night to pick a fight with her, and says, "You've been marked." And I've taken an informal poll of two other friends who watch the show (hi, Tippi and Mary Beth). We all agree that we immediately thought, "What are you going to do THS, pee on him?" Was it just us, readers? Was it just us?

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