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A Marvelous Night For A Moondance

Lockwood Dungeon: Caroline continues to try to help Tyler, but there's nothing to be done. His transformation gets more violent as even his skeleton starts to change. Tyler warns Caroline to get out, but she won't leave him. She holds his head in an effort to mitigate his suffering.

Grill: Damon and Alaric are leaving. Damon is pissed (ha) about the marking comment, but Alaric tries to reason with him by pointing out the full moon, and reminding him that just one bite might be fatal to him. He tells him to go home and lock his doors, and they'll deal with it in the morning. Right. Like a werewolf can't crash through a window.

Dungeon: Caroline encourages Tyler to fight through it and Tyler insists that she leaves, but she holds onto him until he breaks free of his chains. Then she flees and locks him in the cell. I was so afraid through this whole scene that he was going to bite her. As Tyler struggles to get out of the cell, Caroline cries and says she's sorry. Finally, she shuts a wooden door behind her and waits outside and Tyler continues to transform. This is the best werewolf transformation I've ever seen. Way better than Jacob Black's fursplosion. Outside, when Caroline can no longer hear Tyler struggling, she rises to her feet. Then he starts biting through the wooden door. She props a branch up against it and speeds back up above ground, and watches from a safe place. I tell her to climb a tree, but she ignores me.

Mossy Manse: Damon arrives home to find Rose has returned. He gives her crap, but she apologizes for bringing Elena to Slater's last week, and points out she tried to make things right by calling him and telling him, once he figured things out. Also? She has nowhere else to go. Damon tells her there's nothing there for her, but before they get much further, a werewolf bursts through the window and attacks. At first I was thinking it was Tyler, but it's TSH. She doesn't get Damon, but she does sink her teeth into Rose. Damon sticks a sword into Wolfy TSH's side and she tucks tail and runs. When he examines Rose, they see her wound is speedily healing. She cries in relief, because she, too, always thought a werewolf bite was fatal. Damon takes her in his arms and comforts her.

Luka arrives back at Casa Manwitch, and he's got a smitten look on his face until he finds his father waiting for him. There's a lot of tension in this scene. It seems clear that Luka is not happy about using Bonnie for his father and Elijah's sake, but he hands over the moonstone, and tries to retreat to his room. Senior Manwitch stops him, though. There's one more thing they've got to do for Elijah, while the moon is full. WHAT? WHAT?

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