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A Marvelous Night For A Moondance

Ye Olde Tomb: Katherine wants to talk. Stefan suggests they talk about how she's made his life miserable. She's all blah blah blah self-preservation cakes. Stefan is all noble and Stefan-ly. She insists she loves him, though, so he tells her to prove it by showing there's something inside her worth trusting. Katherine thinks he's playing her, but Stefan keeps his poker face. Katherine doesn't know where Satan Klaus is, but says he should start his search with Elena's bio-mom Isobel. "She was a research expert. She found me."

Elijah bursts into the tomb and announces Stefan is free to go. He's had the spell lifted. Oh, that's what the Manwitches had to do. As soon as Stefan is out, Katherine rushes for the doorway, but Elijah rushes right at her. When I first watched, I thought she ran into the steel, but now I think it's just the force of Elijah's approach that knocks her back. Elijah then compels Katherine to remain in the tomb until he says so. "When Klaus comes, he'll want to know exactly where you are." He then tells Stefan that Elena will explain the bargain he made with her and takes his leave. Katherine begs Stefan not to leave her there, but he just looks at her and says, "Goodbye, Katherine." Cold.

Woods: Caroline makes her way back to the dungeon. A crow caws, making me miss Damon's old pet. I miss the fog, too. Is anyone going to teach Caroline how to do the fog thing? Anyhow, she makes her way downstairs, and listens at the door. Finally, she calls Tyler's name. When he answers she rushes in to find him naked and curled up in the fetal position. She lays his pants over the lower half of his body and tells him it's going to be okay. He cries that it's not and hugs him. Oh, poor Pudding Pup -- and poor Pudding Pop, for that matter.

Gilbert Gables: Stefan arrives and Elena greets him with a passionate kiss. Oh these two crazy kids. I really like the Elena/Damon side of this triangle, but the Stefan/Elena side is just as delicious -- it's just another flavor. Kiss you two. Kiss some more. Oops, they've just fallen on the bed. Let's leave them their privacy.

Mossy Manse: Damon tells Rose (who's in her rose robe) that Tyler remained locked up, so they know TSH was the attacker. Rose seems to be all healed up and they figure the werewolf legend was fake. When Damon runs his fingers up Rose's leg, she announces she's going to stay and help him protect Elena, because she likes him and she needs friends. When Damon asks, "Just friends?" Rose says yes, so he turns on her and kisses her and asks if she can handle that. She agrees that she is fine with being "special friends" with him. As they kiss again, her shoulder starts to ache. When Damon pulls back her robe, he finds the flesh all around the site of her wound is now all bumpy, veiny and inflamed. And the writers leave us there! They leave us there until January 27, 2011. ARGH. Can't take it. Can't take it. When it comes to this show, I'm like Stefan is about human blood. I guess I'm going to have to take small doses every day, and build up my resistance, or feed the beast, or something.

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