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Alone with Klaus, Rebekah tries to catches her breath and she complains to Klaus that Kol was going to kill her. Klaus smiles. "Well, I think you need a lesson on how to properly dagger a sibling." At first, I wonder if these two will reach a new detente, but then Rebekah says, "Burn in hell," and swans off.

Before Damon catches up to Jeremy in the woods, Elena shows up and pleads with Boyfriend B. "I know you don't want to hurt Jeremy, so please stop." Damon turns to her and says he can't. When she insists he's strong enough to resist the compulsion, Damon says, "Why because Stefan did?" Elena says, "Because I love you. Because you love me. You'd do anything for me, so please do this for me." Damon tries, he really does, but when he smells Jeremy's dripping blood, it's too much for him. His eyes vamp out a little. Damon says, "Sorry, Elena," then Stealth Salvatores after the Germ.

Jeremy's really hurting when Damon finds him. He's got the presence of mind to cock his weapon, though. Aiming at Damon, he struggles to his feet. Damon stops and tells Jeremy, "Shoot now." As Jeremy fires the gun, Stefan appears and pushes Damon out of the way and against a tree. "Hey, brother. Long time no see." Elena catches up just in time to see Stefan snap Damon's neck. Stefan licks his lips, looks at his ex and says, "You're welcome." Oh Bitter Stefan, I heart you so much.

Damon wakes on the floor of the Mossy Manse dungeon. Can't he even be in the room with the cot? I'm pretty sure there's a cell with a cot, right? Stefan grabs the Exposition Fairy's wand, or perhaps it's the Contrivance Fairy's wand. Maybe there's a hybrid Expositon/Contrivance Fairy. Oh wait, that's only a stake Stefan's holding. At any rate, we learn that since they have no vervain (which might be the dumbest continuing contrivance of the series to date) to weaken Damon, Stefan bled out big brother to keep him weak. When Damon suggests going after Kol to make him break the compulsion, Stefan scoffs about getting right on that. Ha. Damon slumps back to the floor, coughs, and asks Stefan to let him see Elena. Bitter Stefan is in the house. "C'mon. You know you can't do that. With the sire bond, all you have to do is tell her to let you out of here. It's too risky." Damon sighs. "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" Stefan sneers then says, "It's better for Elena if you stay in here for now, at least until we find the cure. And then once she's no longer sired and you're no longer compelled, you can both do whatever the hell you want." When Stefan starts to leave, Damon asks him to wait, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Stefan slams the door shut and takes a last look at his brother through the bars.

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