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Woods. As Jeremy is telling Matt to get up and going, Damon arrives. Jeremy accuses Damon of putting them in this position. Damon says he was just trying to get it all over with. "You're the one who pissed off Klaus." Oh come on, Evil Pixie Monster. You're the one who unloaded a bunch of wooden bullets into the Original Hybrid's chest. I'm not inclined to become a Klaus apologist, but why do these characters always refuse to even try to strike a bargain with Klaus? No, he can't be trusted, but he's pretty clear about what he wants. He wants the cure. Like them, he too wants Elena human again. You guys have things in common is what I'm saying. Why start out at odds? Sure you might get there eventually, but you could at least try to another way.

Anyhow, Jeremy and Matt run toward the lake house. Damon remains behind to slow down the assault of the baby vamps. Because this is season gore, he rips the heart out of one and we get to look at it in living color. Yes, there's blood on Damon's hand. There is blood on just about everyone's hands this season, figuratively and literally. A vampire tackles Matt in the woods. Elena arrives in the nick of time. While I understand why she's come to the lake house, it's a little too convenient that she's in the woods, isn't it? Whatever. She gives Matt's assailant a broken neck nap. Oh, so she's going to be such a pure vampire that she can't even kill a vampire who is trying to kill her lifelong friend? Give me a break, Show. Let the sinner sin a little. Jeremy leads his sister and his friend back to the cottage. The baby vamps emerge from the woods. We cut to...

Morning. I'd say Elena gives Damon hell for getting the boys in this situation, but it's really more like heck. And since the sire bone bond is still at issue, I feel disinclined to invest too much thought or emotion into their scenes. I will note that Elena tells Damon she doesn't care about the cure if getting it means putting her loved ones in danger. When Elena gives in too easily and says they need a plan, Damon tells her to get Matt back to Mystic Falls. He and Jeremy will finish off the baby vamps. Elena tries to balk at leaving Jeremy in Damon's care, but Damon tells her to trust him, and I don't think she has any real choice but to obey. We cut to...

Mossy Manse. When Stefan enters his bedroom, he finds Rebekah reading his diary, so he tells her that knocking is still a thing. Heh. Just because they're tentatively on the same team doesn't mean she intends to trust him, and good on you Beckster, I say. So many people have read Stefan's diaries that really, he ought to just publish them on WordPress. When Rebekah tries to poke Stefan about Elena, he ignores her, so Rebekah plays Exposition Fairy for a moment and tells Stefan she wants to steal Silas's headstone. "Team Shane will have to join Rebekah, and Team Klaus will be left out in the cold where he belongs." We cut to...

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