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Sheriff's Station. As Liz is interrogating Shane about the Council explosion, Bonnie and her Interim Dad watch on closed circuit TV. When Bonnie jumps to Shane's defense and says he was trying to help Pastor Cliche through his depression, Interim Dad suggests that Shane is a charismatic, fast-talking manipulator who preys on the weak-minded. Bonnie takes umbrage at the suggestion that she too is Shane's weak-minded prey because she is Shane's weak-minded prey. When Interim Dad tells her that April and Rebekah informed them that Shane engineered the Council slaughter, Bonnie insists on going into the interrogation room and talking to Shane. Interim Dad isn't crazy about the idea, but he lets her go because hell, it's not like there are laws and procedures in this town.

When Bonnie enters the interrogation room, which I need to call "Gitmo," Liz "Jurisdiction Be Damned" Forbes tells the girl it's not the time, but Interim Dad has his girl's back today. Once Bonnie is alone with Shane he snarks about Interim Dad being confused about the format of Parent-Teacher conferences, which would be more amusing, were Shane Bonnie's teacher. Bonnie tells Shane that Rebekah told the Sheriff and Mayor that Shane confessed to the massacre. "I know she's lying." Mindful of the camera trained on them, Shane masks his mouth with his hand then whispers, "You know, the truth is, she's not." Wow, he must be pretty confident of his control over Bonnie, if he's admitting that. We cut to...

Gilbert Gables. Matt gives Elena a well-deserved scolding for leaving Damon in charge of Jeremy's training. Then he shrugs in that cute little Pudding Pop way he has and tries to blame her bad choices on the sire bond. When Elena says the sire bond doesn't work like that, Matt says, "All I know, Elena, is that the old you never would have left Jeremy with Damon, especially after what happened last night." Elena seems disturbed by the truth in this statement, but before she can respond, her phone rings. It's Jeremy, who tells Elena that Kol attacked them, and while Jeremy barely escaped, Kol still has Damon. We cut to...

Klaus Haus. Elena appeals to Klaus for assistance with the Kol situation. Klaus gloats for a moment, and generally lords it over Elena, but in doing so, he admits that while he'd love to cure Elena and make more hybrids, he'd also really love to destroy the cure so that the Fellowship of the Falls can't use it against him. When Elena begs Klaus for his help, he enjoys the moment, then phones Kol and calls him off, specifically ordering him to stay away from Jeremy. We cut to the...

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