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Utterly Compelling

Zanadew Lounge Kitchen. Kol gives Klaus his word that he "won't touch" Jeremy, then ends the call. When the camera zooms out, we see Damon staking himself. Been there, done that, Pixie Monster. Kol has a little more fun compelling Damon to injure himself. Once he's satisfied that the compulsion works, Kol points out that Damon probably fancies Elena even more now that she's among the evil dead, and says that Jeremy is really her last tie to humanity. Deep down, Damon must want him dead. When Damon rejects this idea, Kol plays with him for another moment and then compels Damon thusly: "You're not going to remember what I say. You're going to find Jeremy Gilbert, and when you do, you're going to kill him." Commercial.

Gilbert Gables. Inexplicably, Elena thinks her deal with Klaus to call off Kol also means that Jeremy no longer needs to slay any vampires and grow his mark. When Jeremy sets her straight, Elena suggests they wait until Damon returns to figure out a new plan. Jeremy is appalled that Elena still trusts Damon after all that's gone on. He's convinced Damon doesn't care so much about saving Jeremy's life as he does about saving the map to the bore cure. Seeing her little brother is on edge, Elena lays a hand on Jeremy's shoulder. He shakes her off and explains that his hunter instinct is on overdrive right now. When Elena looks down and sees he has picked up a specially marked hunter's stake, she's unnerved. When she points it out to Jeremy, he is horrified. Letting the stake drop, Jeremy tears up and admits that while he really wants to find the cure for Elena, he doesn't know how he's going to do this. I know, Jeremy. Go kill Damon and Stefan. They both deserve it, and that's two more steps to the bore cure. We cut to...

Shane's office. There's still some spirit tea smoldering away on Shane's desk. Aren't we just so cheeky and edgy with the drug wink-wink nudge-nudging? Yawn. Rebekah gets in some good digs at the young, inexperienced, self-centered, pedestrian Elena while talking up her own cultural literacy. The whole point of this scene is to move Rebekah and Stefan from uneasy teammates to sex buddies. Rebekah insists their time in the '20s was fun because they didn't care about anything and only did what felt good: drinking, feeding, sex. Stefan disagrees. "The sex wasn't good because we didn't care. It was good because you were crazy. Crazy sex is always good." Rebekah reminds Stefan he was no model of sanity back then, and then tells him to stop caring. They're about to kiss when we cut to the...

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