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Family Ties That Bind And Gag

Mystic Falls; Present Day: Anna leaves Jeremy a message and asks him to meet her at the Grill later. When she hangs up, Ben (Sean Faris) comes out of the bathroom in a towel. Methinks the show is making up for a startling lack of Pudding Pop (and methinks it's doing a bang-up job). Ben asks if she's into the Germ. Anna tells him to get over it; she needs Jeremy for something. Just then, Ben opens the curtain and gets scorched by the sunlight, so we can know for certain that he's a baby vamp. Anna gives him some bottled blood, because they can't hunt until they get the tomb open, and she's afraid Bonnie will sense his appetites if they're not sated. He's to stay focused on Bonnie while she tries to get the journal back from Alaric. Ben, who looks like he's fallen for Anna, asks why she chose him. She's frank. "I needed someone in a position to be my eyes and ears: small town bartender fit the bill." He says there are plenty from which to choose. "Why me?" Anna shakes her head. "You were... sad, Ben. You lacked purpose; you needed me." Ben thinks on that for a moment, to give us time to appreciate his pecs. *appreciates*

Gilbert Gables: As Stefan and Elena dig through a box full of family mementos, she asks if Damon really believes they want to help. Stefan says Damon probably doesn't know what to think; trust doesn't come naturally to him. Elena imagines that Damon probably thinks everything he's done, he's done for love. She thinks it's sad. I think it's sad that the writers had to tell us that, when they could have shown us, but they've been so very awesome lately, I'll let it go. Stefan is the exposition fairy here, so he moralizes that there are ways to get what you want other than killing people. Hmmm, I'll have to try that. "Damon has no regard for human life; he enjoys inflicting pain on others." That was for the people who just tuned in. Welcome, newcomers! Stefan tells Elena that every time he's trusted Damon over the past 145 years, Damon's done something to make him regret it, and that regardless of his promises, if that tomb is opened, a lot of people will die. Stefan then notices the old picture Elena is holding and informs her that it's Jonathan Gilbert. She points to some contraption in the box that looks like a primitive attempt at a catcher's mask and asks what it is. Stefan leans back from it and is spared from answering when Jeremy walks in the room. Elena asks him where the journal is. Germ tells them Alaric has it. So we cut to...

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