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Family Ties That Bind And Gag

Anna's Place: she can make neither heads nor tails out of Gilbert's writings and tells Ben that some people shouldn't journal. Oh honey, I see you've been perusing Fandom Wank. She says, "Don't you have a date?" Ben does -- with our Bonnie -- so he leans in for a kiss goodbye, but Ben dear, Anna's into the journal and she's just not that into you. She pushes him away. We hear Jonathan Gilbert's voice: "I saw her again today, the most beautiful woman in town, with a name just as pretty: Pearl." Oh, no wonder Anna was transfixed. We cut to...

1864: Pearl is still trying to encourage Katherine to cut and run, but Katherine has a couple of things left to do. Pearl knows that means she intends to turn the Brothers Salvatore. She cautions Katherine, who promises she'll be careful. Anna and Emily sit idly by -- listening. When Jonathan Gilbert shows, Katherine pinches Pearl's cheeks so they'll be appealingly pink. Gilbert requests Pearl's presence outside. She seems into him too, and asks him to explain the comet "in the sky" as opposed to the gutter, I guess. Once they're outside, Katherine leans in toward Anna and smiles salaciously. "Your mother has an admirer." Anna and Emily share an equally joyful but less loaded look.

Meanwhile, over at the Salvatore homestead, Papa walks with his boys and says that the town leaders expect to be able to count on them -- descendants of a founding family. Stefan confirms that they can. Father -- right in front of Damon, mind you -- says, "I'm not sure that your brother, Damon, understands the importance of duty." Damon's neck nearly snaps as he turns to face his father. How he refrains from saying, "Standing right here. Standing right exactly here," I'll never know. Stefan too, following his father's lead, speaks as if Damon isn't there, and reminds their father that Damon left the Confederacy on principle. It's his choice, and should be respected. Papa says, "You'll forgive me if I have trouble respecting a deserter." Me: Is the desire to shag Katherine a principle, Stefan? Damon: "I never asked for your respect." Papa: "Good for you, Damon, because all I have is disappointment." They face off, and Damon tries to out-sneer Daddy Damndest, so Stefan changes the subject, asking what father meant about the town being in trouble. The father says there have been too many deaths and it's time to fight back. "Vampires -- they exist and they live amongst us, but we have a plan to kill them, and you're going to help us."

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