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Family Ties That Bind And Gag

Gilbert Gables: Damon prepares dinner while Jenna swills wine and watches with great appreciation. My kinda gal. Ian Somerhalder's Damon is, I think, like James Marsters' Spike. As they'd say at Damon has the BBoC factor: "If they told James Marsters that his new love interest was a cement block, he would have chemistry with the cement block. We would all be Spike/Cement Block shippers, and there would be a S/CB fic list, and whenever JM looked at the block just so, we would all post things like, 'Whoa, Cement Block looked hot tonight'. We leapt on the phrase with glee. 'The BBoC factor' is a reference to the fact that James Marsters can generate chemistry with anything. Even Riley." Not that Jenna is a BBoC (or, heaven forfend -- a Riley); she has plenty of spark on her own. It's just that Ian has this way about him that lights his counterparts in the most flattering candlelight. Anyhow, he tells Jenna about how his father never approved of his girlfriends and asks Jenna about herself and if Logan is still missing. She tells him that the overly entitled Logan is in the Bahamas, working on his tan. "He's a Fell. They're all snooty." Damon laughs and pours Jenna another (largely unnecessary) drink, and then greets Elena. He asks if Stefan's with her. Elena's brow furrow as she answers that he'll be there, soon.

MFHS: Stefan asks how long Alaric has been aware of him. Alaric admits it was just recently. Alaric also admits he saw Damon kill his wife. With neither remorse nor sympathy, Stefan "Scary-Ass" Salvatore says, "If you're here for revenge, this is going to end very badly for you." Alaric says he just wants to find out what happened to his wife. When he happened upon the scene of her demise, Damon disappeared, as did Isabel's body, so Alaric doesn't know what happened to her. Ooh, ooh, pick me. I think I know. Stefan cautions Alaric that Damon can never know why he's in town. "He'll kill you without blinking." Alaric says he can take care of himself, but Stefan replies, "No, you can't. I can help you -- if you'll let me."

Mossy Manse: Damon intentionally rubs up against Elena when they pass one another in the kitchen. He pretends like it was an accident, but Elena calls him on his crap. Reason 543 why I'm loving this show. He changes the subject to Stefan's absence. "Where is he? He's missing family night, which I am enjoying -- immensely." And you know what? He is. No, no, I'm not sitting on the magical toadstool, but seriously, if Damon had some of this, rather than Daddy Damndest, he might not be such a sociopath. When Elena ignores his question, Damon gets right to the heart of the matter and asks if Stefan's renewed sense of brotherhood is for real. "Can I trust him?" Elena's as bad a liar as Jenna is a guardian, but she tries her best and says he can. Damon Stealth-Salvatores her and asks again: "Can I trust him?" Elena says, "I'm wearing Vervain, Damon, it's not going to work." Offended, Damon scrunches up his face. "I'm not compelling you. I just want you to answer me... honestly." Elena looks him in the eye: "Of course you can." She looks away too soon, leaving Damon to wonder.

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