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That's Not Heroic. It's Tragic.

Gilbert Getaway Dock: Is Elena in an oversized poncho? No, which I guess is good, except that she is wrapped in a blanket. Yeah. Out on the dock. All righty. Anyhow, she tells Stefan about little memories of her childhood summers there, like the time Jeremy broke his arm, and how her dad taught her how to fish. She then asks if he ever thinks about them, what their future will be, and what their memories will be. Stefan says they need to have some conversations about their future, but Elena's not ready to talk about that, yet. She needs to be in the moment. Stefan complies and points out they're making a memory now, then whispers his love for her. I'd gotten so far into the recent Damon/Elena build up, that I'd forgotten how much I love Stefan and Elena's love story, too.

Mayoral Mansion: Alaric and John pull out the ruler and start measuring, which is hilarious. But the conversation is mostly here for John to pull rank, since he's Elena's bio-dad. He doesn't want Alaric sleeping over with Jenna, any more. Also, he wants his magical life-saving protecto ring back, which means it's going to come into play before the episode is over. Maybe John will die? Die John. Die! I should mention, I think Anders does a great job in this role. That's the problem; John is such a dick -- a point Alaric makes with relish, by the way.

Mayor's Study: Damon and Elijah have a confab that quickly turns violent. Damon wants to know why Elijah is in town, and when Elijah brushes him off, Damon Stealth-Salvatores him. But Elijah is an Original, and so much more powerful. He shoves Damon against the wall and holds him up by the neck. And hey, I think we've been seeing that move less lately, or possibly I've just become blind to it. You know what hasn't been overused? No, not the events o'the week. Although they've been overused so much they've spun back to being completely awesome. What hasn't been overused or overdone is people stabbing each other in the neck with a pencil, and that's just what Elijah does now. Ha. Calm down, Team Damon. You know I adore the Evil Pixie Monster, but he is an Evil Pixie Monster. Especially lately. It's good when his actions have repercussions, and it's not like he won't heal.

Gilbert Getaway: Elena sits on the couch, watching Stefan cook as she drinks a glass of wine. So yeah, I'm letting my kid watch a high school girl, who is away on a pre-marital sex weekend with her vampire lover -- and now that high school girl is lubricating with alcohol. When do I get my mother of the year award? The lovebirds decide they need more firewood. Elena wants to go out and get it since Stefan is cooking. When he insists he should be the one to get it, Elena struggles against him turning her into a damsel. Okay, this is why I let my daughter watch. Thank you, show.

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