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That's Not Heroic. It's Tragic.

Anyhow, Elena goes into her parents' room to get a coat. Stefan soon follows and finds her having a moment, sniffing a bottle of her mom's perfume. Scent-memory is powerful. Think about it -- the smells (good ones, you goobers) that you can remember. See what I mean? They transport you. Okay, they transport me. I can't speak for you. I don't know your life. Anyhow, she gives him one of her great-grandfather's old flannel jackets. And hey, I thought she was getting the coat for herself. Great, now I'm back to having no rationalization for letting my girl watch this. Dammit, TV. Validate my parenting choices.

When Stefan dons the dead great-grandpa's flannel, Elena tells him he looks hot in it, which disturbs him almost as it disturbs me. Don't get me wrong. He looks just fine in it, but I'm skeeved by her line. I don't know. When my dad died, my husband got one of his jackets. I never thought, "Ooh, dress up in daddy's clothes and do me, baby." Shudder. Stefan gets over it before I do, so he takes Elena in his arms. As they kiss, he backs her up against a wall, but soon he breaks the clinch, because he realizes the wall behind her is hollow. And then -- hello! He starts taking down the knotty pine wall boards. Um. I would think he should at least ask Elena if that's okay before starting, but I guess they're short on time, or maybe he's being compelled by that cover of "Bring on the Wrecking Ball" background music. At any rate, it seems the Gilbert Getaway contains a secret room, full of weapons, wooden bullets, and the original Johnathan (sic! sic! sic!) Gilbert's other journals. Stefan notes it's a really good hiding place. Maybe for stuff, but not for people, unless you have someone on the outside, ready to board you up again.

Fortress Forbes: Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy bring the still-unconscious Junior Manwitch back to Caroline's. When Bonnie lights a bunch of candles with her mind (the flames will give her power) Caroline comments that it's pretty hot. Bonnie sends Jeremy to fetch a bowl of water and then takes Caroline to task for the hot comment -- no, not because it's a pun, like you'd expect, but because Bonnie has quickly twigged to the fact that Caroline's noticed something between her and Jeremy. Bonnie demurs, but Caroline's not buying. She tells Bonnie that since they're a witch and a vampire now, maybe they should be a little less... judgmental. I don't think that's the word you want, Vampire Barbie, but since Bonnie seems to get your overriding point of scoop up the yummy, I'll let it stand. Anyhow, Jeremy comes back in with the water and Bonnie starts up the mojo.

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