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That's Not Heroic. It's Tragic.

Mayoral Mansion: Carol is heading upstairs when she hears a noise coming from the front hall. She calls out, "Hello, but no one answers. When she looks on the table, she finds an envelope labeled, "Mom." OH NO! I know what this means, dammit.

Grill: Ty, with a duffel back slung over his shoulder, finds Matt closing up for the night. Pudding Pop's jaw clenches as he tells Pudding Pup he's not in the mood, but Ty insists he has something to say. "I've been going through a rough time -- something I can't really talk about, and Caroline's been helping me through it. She's been there for me -- more than anyone's ever been there in my entire life. And I kind of fell for her." Matt's face is all AHA I KNEW IT, but Ty continues. "I don't know anyone who wouldn't, because she's pretty incredible.... But she loves you. And she needs you. And to be honest? She deserves someone like you, so you be good to her, okay?" Matt nods as he takes this all in. "Yeah, man. Of course." Ty nods and says, "See you around,man." No, Tyler, don't go. Matt, don't let him go. Don't you see the duffel of doom?!!!

Fortress Forbes: Caroline is reading in bed when she hears a noise. She assumes it's her mom, but when she looks out the front door, she doesn't see anyone. She locks the front door and walks back to her room. The camera pans to reveal Ty standing in the shadows. He waits 'til Care Bear is out of sight and then walks off to join Jules who is waiting in her SUV. He apologizes about the loss of Brady and the rest of the Wolfgang, but adds, "If I'm going to go with you, no more lies." Jules assures him there won't be. Tyler says, "I can't stay here. Not like this." Jules shifts her car into gear and drives off into the night with our Pudding Pup. SNIFF. Dammit. I hope Ty comes back, soon. His character has grown so likable over the past year. I need to applaud Michael Trevino, here. He's taken this character so much further than I thought he could. I do not want him gone for the show. If they want to move away from the werewolf component of this story for a while, I'm fine with that, but come on. We need him back. Plus, what is Caroline going to do without her cell phone? She may be a creature of the night, but she's still a teenage girl. I hope you dropped it in her mailbox, Tyler! Grrr. Argh.

I'll be back Friday with the recaplet of the upcoming episode, "The Dinner Party." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us on the boards, where we're busy laying a trail of Caroline-kiss flavored kibble, to tempt Ty back to Mystic Falls.

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