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In Which Damon Showers And Bathes
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Hey all, this is a busy weekend at Chez Cindy, and a lot happens in this episode, so I'm dispensing with the Previouslies.... and serving up a quick and dirty weecap. Relatedly, I've been getting some Tweets and e-mails asking for me to make the weecaps longer -- like full recap length. Thank you. I'm so flattered that you want more, but I can't do it. The short of it is: the pay and deadline for a weecap makes it next to impossible. I know I did it last season, but that's when I was still getting the hang of weecapping an hour-long drama (as opposed to recapping). You know me, though. I'm loving this show, so I expect they'll be longer from time to time. Okay, now let's get to it, shall we?

Morning; Fortress Forbes Exterior: As Caroline exits and locks up, she senses someone looming behind her. It's Tyler. Last week, we left him with Jules (Third Hilton Sister/THS) poisoning his mind, so while Caroline may think he's there for friendship or more smoochies, he's pretty plainly pissed. Caroline misses this, though, and jumps right into an explanation that she can't start anything with Ty, because Matt is still "kinda" in the picture. Even when Ty nearly spits out, "Fine," in response, Caroline is oblivious and heads off toward her car, so Ty asks point-blank what happened to Mason. He then reveals that he knows the Salvatores killed Uncle Brick House. He wants to know if Caroline has known all this time. When she admits she has, he throws her up against her car and yells, "I trusted you." Watch it, Pudding Pup. It's not a full moon, so if she wants it, Vampire Barbie can easily best you.

Mossy Manse: Damon takes a shower. The camera pans up his torso, as the water drips down it. I think. Let me rewind that, just to be sure.

Three hours later...

Yep. Damon. Shower. Camera. Up. Water Down. Damon leaves the shower (BOO) when he hears intrepid girl-report Andie reporting on Rose's victims -- and Jessica, i.e. the girl who fell prey to Damon's existential crisis, last week. He walks into the bedroom with just a towel slung low around his waist (YAY). I think. Wait a tick...

Three hours later...

Yes. Just a towel around his waist. I was right. You know, sometimes it's hard to catch these things on first watch. It takes a lot of time, hence the quick and dirty weecap.

Gilbert Gables: Uncle Snark Daddy/John (sic) Gilbert is watching the same report in the Gilbert kitchen when Elena comes in and demands to know why he's there. He's there to protect her, that's all he'll say. When Jenna and Alaric find Snark in the house, the air crackles with tension. Alaric gets out as soon as he can, and Jenna pulls legal guardian rank, as she makes it clear that he's not welcome. Snark trumps her rank, and shocks the hell out of Jenna by announcing he's Elena's biological father. As he swans out of the room, Jenna looks at Elena in disbelief. "Uh...WHAT?"

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