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In Which Damon Showers And Bathes

Mossy Manse: Damon berates Stefan for bring Snark back to town. Stefan plays exposition fairy, reminding us about the moonstone not being destroyed, the Elijah deal, the Originals, the sacrifice and possibly that the earth is not flat. I disremember. John supposedly knows a way to keep Elena safe, but he's not talking, yet. The talk turns to Rose, and Stefan offers his condolences. Damon pshaws her death as the loss of someone he knew for all of five minutes. Stefan doesn't let him off the hook. "Well, you cared about her after... five minutes. I wonder what that means." Damon assumes his best mocking tone. "It means I care, Stefan. It means I'm changing and evolving into a man capable of greatness. You'd better watch your back, because I may just have to get a hero hairdo of my own, and steal your thunder." (And your girl.) Once Stefan is alone, he gets a text from Caroline that reads, "911."

Fortress Forbes: Caroline tells Stefan that Tyler knows Damon killed Mason. They know they can't let Damon find this all out. Caroline begs Stefan to talk to Tyler for her.

Lockwood Mansion: Jules drops by to see Tyler. She reiterates that vampires will always be the natural enemy of werewolves. He needs to leave town with her. Tyler can't and won't up and do that. Apparently, werewolves have some big code of honor about helping out other werewolves. It's all very pack-ish and a nice touch, yet Tyler remains on the fence.

Gilbert Gables: Damon arrives looking for John, but instead finds Elena. She fills him in about Snark's paternity-reveal to Jenna. Elena and Damon both trust Uncle Daddy far less than Stefan does. When he takes off to find John for "civil conversation," Elena follows along, which is probably the only way it can be anything approaching civil.

Woody Woods: Jules makes her way to an RV hidden in the woods. There she meets up with and makes out with Brady, and they talk about the Fang Gang. Brady's ready to do damage, but Jules reminds him she wants Tyler, not vengeance, then they suck face some more.

Lockwood Mansion: Stefan sneaks in to talk to Tyler, and it's gong to take some force to get Pudding Pup to listen.

Town Square: Mayoress Mama Mulva Lockwood is getting ready for the memorial service for the latest victims of the vamp animal attacks. John wants to talk to her about Council business, but she's busy and refers him to Damon Salvatore, who is now the head of said Council. Heh. I do love that. After Mulva is gone, John runs into Jeremy, who is no more thrilled to see John than the rest of the residents of Gilbert Gables. Jeremy tries to give John back his protecto-ring, if only he'll leave town, but John refuses. "What kind of a man would I be if I took that from you?" [Crickets.] He then asks his nephew to join him for lunch. Jeremy: "I think I'll pass." Once John is gone, Jeremy spots Bonnie approaching him. They're all smiley at each other, but then Senior Manwitch catches up with Bonnie, who exposits just enough to let us know she's over the Martin Manwitches and knows they're Elijah's lackeys. Senior Manwitch assures Bonnie that Elijah is a vamp of his word and will protect everyone. Bonnie's not buying it. The tense convo ends when Jeremy reaches them and asks, "Is there a problem, here?" Once Bonnie spits, "Not at all," she and Jeremy turn their backs on Senior and walk away. And hey! Hey! Jeremy puts his arms around Bonnie as they're walking and she snuggles right into him. When did that happen? No fair starting this relationship off-screen, Show!

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