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In Which Damon Showers And Bathes

Brady's RV: He's got Caroline locked in a cage She's moaning and writhing in pain until she finally picks the wooden bullet out of her own fricking skull! She tries to use her strength to open the cage, but fails and is startled when she realizes Brady is right there, watching her. He's got plenty of wooden bullets and other toys and tells her, "It's going to be a long night, Sweat Pea," and then shoots her in her right breast! Aye aye aye.

Lockwood Mansion: Tyler snarls that he'll be friends with Stefan if he'll just leave now. Stefan starts to appeal to him, but when he mentions family, Tyler's gaze turns icy. Perhaps you might want to watch your phrasing, Stefan, on account of how someone in your family just killed someone in his family. Just then, Stefan's phone rings. Per the Caller ID, it's Caroline, but it's really Jules. Care Bear's still in the cage. Jules wants to exchange Vampire Barbie for Pudding Pup. As proof, she holds the phone up to Caroline's cage. Brady shoots her yet again, making Caroline scream, and presto change-o, proof!

Grill: Jenna introduces her friend Annie Starr (the reporter from the top of the episode) to Damon. Andie makes no pretense of the fact that she's quite interested in getting to know him better and offers to buy him a drink, but Damon mopes that his glass is still full and slumps over to Elena's table. And I should probably mention that when Elena sees Damon talking to Andie, she looks a little bit jealous, no? It's not just me, right? When Damon approaches her though, Elena is right back in friend mode and just notes that Damon totally blew the intrepid girl reporter right off. Damon's on a self-imposed female embargo and tells Elena, "Trust me, it's in the best interest of women everywhere." Just then Stefan calls and fills Elena in on the Caroline situation. When Damon finds out what's going on, he wants to kill Tyler, but Elena begs him not to. She grabs his arms and says, "Too many people are dead." Damon tells her she needs to stop doing that, so she pulls her hands back as she asks what he means. Damon: "Assuming I'll play the good guy because it's you who's asking." Elena sighs. "Be the better man, Damon." Just then, John bursts in on their private conversation. Damon pushes past him to go find Caroline. Elena wants to come with, so Damon tells John, "First dad duty? Ground your daughter. Keep her here." To Elena's chagrin, John does just that. He stops her and demands to know what's going on.

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