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In Which Damon Showers And Bathes

Brady's RV: Ty shows up and tells Jules and Brady he's sorry about their friends. When Brady passes Ty a bottle of hooch, Ty asks if it's always "like this." Brady says no way, it's just the vampires' fault for existing. In the course of conversation, Tyler mentions Mason's moonstone quest. Brady and Jules are obviously interested.

Fortress Forbes: Stefan shows up at Caroline's. She wearing a robe when she answers the door, and when she opens it, my husband laughs that Stefan's going to get himself in trouble, but I know what's going on here. Stefan has Elena and Bonnie standing just out of sight. They pop out when Stefan says he brought her some back up. Elena says, "We're gonnna slumber it." Slumber it? Really? Is that a saying? Bonnie adds, "We haven't done that in ages." Caroline cries as her girls hug her. Stefan looks on smiling and mouths, "I love you," to Elena, before leaving the ladies to their evening.

Mossy Manse; Damon's Tub: Damon and Andie are taking a bubble bath. Oh my goodness, this is the prettiest episode, ever. It's not long though, before Damon admits he's in love with a woman he can never have. He can't have her, and it's driving him crazy. He's not in control. "I'm bad, Andie. I do things. I kill people." Andie's smile fades when she realizes he's not kidding, so Damon scoots toward her and compels her not to be afraid. When she asks why he kills people, Damon says, "Because I like it. It's in my nature. It's who I am. But then I have to stay together and protect her, and she wants me to be the better man, which means I can't be who I am." When Andie suggests that perhaps love is changing him, Damon tells her to stop talking and to kiss him. "Be my distraction." But when his lips wander to her neck, his fangs emerge and Andie's blood flows down her wet and bubble-covered back.

Ye Olde Tomb: John goes to visit Katherine, who is still slithering around in there. She was expecting Isobel. John tells her this visit is just between her, him and Isobel. Katherine says, "I want out of this tomb, John." John nods. "I'm already on it." What oh what is he going to do? I actually do believe he wants to protect Elena, but still, I'm with Elena and Damon, right now. I don't trust him.

That's it for this week, kids. I'll be back with this week's recaplet on Friday morning. In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us on the boards, where we're waiting with our rubber duckies!

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